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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Garbage Collection Sydney

The major problem is that people do not understand how their garbage can collection works in just one simple step. Garbage collection Sydney is a very important service that people must take care of it long-term. However, there are a few things that people may not know about garbage collection Sydney from their local governments. The good news is that this blog post highlights the seven things you didn’t know about garbage collection Sydney.

  • Put Anything You Can’t Reuse in Your Green Bin

Green bins are for food scraps. This includes any food that can be eaten or turned into compost. Meat, bones, dairy and seafood are not accepted in green bins. You can find a full list of what can go in your green bin here. If you have leftovers from a party or cookout, put them in your green bin instead of the garbage. The same goes for egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags. Place these items in your black bin if you have small amounts of non-reusable waste, such as plastic bags or plastic containers with too small lids to recycle.

  • Roll-Out Bags Are Convenient for Bulky Items

Some people have bulky items like furniture or appliances lying around their homes that they want to dispose of with their regular garbage collection service provider. In such cases, roll-out bags can be very useful because they provide a lot of space for bulky items which otherwise would not fit inside a normal-sized garbage bin or bag. A roll-out bag can make it easier to dispose of these items. These bags are usually made of thick plastic and come with wheels so they can be rolled out of the house easily. They are also available in different sizes depending on how much waste you need to dispose of at once and how much space you have in your bin. Roll-out bags are convenient for bulky items.

  • Bins Make the Recycling Process Faster and Easier

Bins are a great way to keep your waste organised and easily managed. One of the main benefits of bins is that they can be used for many different purposes, so you can use them to separate your waste into different types of recycling. This makes recycling much easier as you don’t need to sort through your rubbish every time you want to recycle something. Bins also make it much easier for garbage collectors to deal with your waste because they don’t have to sort through all your rubbish before taking it away. It also helps them work more efficiently, so they can get their job done faster and for less cost than if they were trying to do it manually.

  • Missing Bags of Garbage Can Lead to Fines

If you’re still having trouble finding your garbage bags, or if they’re not being picked up immediately, contact your local council. If the problem persists beyond three weeks, the council may be fined you. One reason why your garbage may go missing is because of an issue with the collection schedule itself. You can call your local council to find out if any known issues or changes are affecting your area that might be causing problems with rubbish removal. You could face many consequences if you don’t pay your council tax in Australia.

  • A Landfill Is Not a Place To Put All of Your Garbage

When you take your items to the landfill, they will be buried under layers of dirt and other materials until they decompose naturally. This can take anywhere from two months to ten years, depending on how much waste is at the site and what materials are being buried there. Garbage collection services also help prevent items from ending up in landfills by collecting as much waste as possible before they reach this point.

  • Some Residents Suffer Ill Effects From Diseases in Garbage

Some diseases can be contracted from garbage, such as tetanus, cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis A. To avoid these diseases, you should ensure you properly dispose of your waste following the law. These laws are designed to protect yourself and others from harm due to improper waste disposal.

  • Garbage Is Collected Every Week

When you think about garbage collection, you probably picture giant trucks driving up and down your street every week to pick up your garbage bins. While this is true for some areas, it’s not true for the entire city of Sydney. Garbage collection occurs in some areas only once a fortnight or even once a month. In other words, people living in these areas must put out their bins on their schedule rather than on a schedule set by the government.


With that in mind, there is a role for all businesses to play in keeping the city clean and sustainable. The most important thing is to educate yourself and know what you are contributing to. Having an understanding of this will help shape the actions you take in educating your employees and the community about garbage collection Sydney. As you have seen, garbage collection Sydney isn’t some shady trade people hear about but never think about. There is definitely so much more to it than just lifting trash bags from the curb and taking them to a dumpster. It is truly a fascinating service.

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