7 Best Tips For Playing Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is a visual novel-style game with an explicit dating simulator. This game is still in development, which means that some quest lines remain unfinished. This game follows a male protagonist as he attempts to discover the truth behind his father’s recent death while juggling school, finances, and trying to find a date.

If you’re one of the many players who is having trouble with walkthroughs, tasks, saving to finish your quests, and so on, you’re not alone. Just keep reading and follow the guide to finish what you need. Summertime Saga has a lot of intertwined storylines. Just follow these guidelines if you want to ace Summertime Saga.

  • Provides Regular Updates

This one will assist you in observing all the changes in the game and development. Regular updates are something that has become increasingly common in recent years, thanks to the game’s advancements. Though there is no set release schedule, the website updates once every two months on average. It will make your Summertime Saga playable.

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  • Increasing Statistics

You need to know your stats to advance quest lines or to perform well in college. For example, your college stats are more important than anything else. It will be easier to get through the game if you level them up as soon as possible. Additionally, if your quest shows a red checkmark, you need to improve your statistics before taking on the next one, as described in the Summertime Saga guide. The characters must level up as soon as possible during play to avoid backtracking.

  • Do not Sleep 

A day in Summertime Saga comprises morning, daytime, and evening. You will be able to accomplish a variety of things within these time frames, and most goals require completion within a particular amount of time. If you sleep excessively, you can lose an entire day and waste a lot of time. Even late at night, when it’s difficult to find something to do, you can take part in rap battles or play computer games to help boost your stats.

  • Fix The Computer

The computer in your room is broken, which you will inform Erik at the end of Day one. Erik will strongly suggest that you buy the computer parts at the Mall’s Consum-R store. It will cost $200, but it is best to do it as soon as possible. It can help you train in Intelligence and also join the French class to complete Jenny’s questline.

  • Pay Attention to the Characters

If you’re unsure what to do, simply return to the available characters and speak with them again. They might give you a hint as to where you should look or what you should do. Sometimes the answers to your questions are hidden within the dialogue. They can provide you with information about where to find the items you need.

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  • Sleep If You’re Stuck

This tip does not contradict the previous one on the list, which is to sleep if you have nothing else to do. Some stories needed to wait until the weekend or an entire day before passing to the next one. If you’ve been working on a story for a while and it’s not moving, you may want to try something else and get some rest. The passage of time frequently stymies the progression of certain stories. Never assume your gameplay is complete until you’ve given yourself enough time to pass the move.

  • Always Make Money

In this game, you will have many tasks that require money, so your main overarching goals will be to save money for college while also earning money to complete plenty of quest lines within the game. You will need a few hundred dollars to buy a gift for a friend or an item you might need to progress the story and complete tasks.

How to earn money on Summertime Saga

You can earn money by playing a shooting minigame. To advance Roxxy’s questline during gameplay, you must defeat Clyde in a shooting game. Request more shooting content to help you bet more money and gain the same. You can choose to bet $100, $200, or $400 on the shooting content to target Clyde. You will have 20 targets to hit and must plan your attack to challenge Clyde. 

Shooting mini-games is your best bet for making more money. Like other mini-games, there is no time limit to play. You can also gain money at Diane’s house by helping her clean the garden.


You will have to spend a lot of time completing tasks, solving problems, and gaining attributes when you are playing a game with an explicit dating simulator. If you don’t want to struggle and want to play the game smoothly and easily, this is the game for you. The tips listed above will undoubtedly help you with your gameplay in the Summertime Saga. 

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