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7 Benefits of outdoor advertising LED display screens

LED display screens

By leveraging the power of LED displays, businesses can create a compelling and memorable customer experience that encourages customers to make a purchase or return to the business in the future. Outdoor advertising LED displays are essentially customer facing and, in this way, help to attract customer attention by cutting through the noise and busyness of the market place.

Studies show that customers have a 55% recall rate after seeing an ad or a promotion on an outdoor digital display. LED digital displays boast super high brightness which makes them visible even when it is bright out. This ultra-high brightness feature means they are excellent at blocking out ambient lighting thereby keeping the focus where it belongs, on your content.

The benefits of using outdoor LED advertising displays are numerous, as they potentially have an impact on sales. Here are a few benefits worth considering.

Increased Visibility: Outdoor LED advertising displays are designed to be bright and eye-catching, making them highly visible even in bright sunlight or at night. This increased visibility can help to attract more customers to a business and increase brand awareness.

Dynamic Content: LED displays allow for dynamic and customizable content, including images, video, and animations. This can help to capture the attention of customers and convey important marketing messages more effectively. 

Cost-effective: LED displays are more energy-efficient than traditional advertising methods, such as billboards or posters. This makes them a cost-effective option for businesses looking to improve their marketing and sales. Being energy efficient also means the signs last longer and are more sustainable which means they don’t require as much servicing or replacing as traditional outdoor displays.

Easy to Update: LED displays can be easily updated and managed remotely using a content management system. This makes it easy for businesses to update their marketing messages and promotions immediately, allowing them to respond quickly to changing market conditions or customer needs. At Reddie, Technology, our cloud-based Content Management System requires no downloads. Once there is stable internet connection and access to a computer, changes to your outdoor LED digital displays and other digital signage can be made remotely.

Increased Engagement: LED displays offer an interactive and engaging way to connect with customers. They can be used to display social media feeds, interactive games, or other interactive content that encourages customers to engage with a business and its brand.

Enhanced Branding: By leveraging the power of LED displays, you can enhance your brand identity and increase brand recognition among potential customers. Having engaging content displayed from high quality outdoor LED displays is an immeasurable way of increasing brand equity and reinforcing your brand’s position in the minds of your users. 

Improved Sales: Ultimately, the increased visibility, customized content, and enhanced branding provided by LED displays can help to drive more foot traffic to your business and improve sales. By investing in LED displays, you can create a compelling and memorable customer experience that encourages customers to make a purchase or return to your business in the future.

Overall, outdoor LED advertising displays can help businesses to improve their marketing and sales by increasing visibility, providing dynamic content, being cost-effective, easy to update, and increasing engagement with customers. By leveraging the power of LED displays, businesses can reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.

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