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Decoding the Salesforce Developer Demand: What to Look for & How to Hire

The demand for Salesforce developers has been skyrocketing, as it is the most preferred CRM tool in the world. Understandably, Salesforce also has the highest market share compared to other CRMs. This is why companies are looking to hire Salesforce developers and onboarding them quickly.

A Salesforce developer is someone who develops both static and dynamic applications. The developer uses the Salesforce platform for quickly developing and deploying these applications to the cloud database, irrespective of the hardware capabilities. Salesforce developers use the platform, or GIT, for building and running their codes. They rely on various programming languages compatible with the platform, such as PHP and Ruby.

Salesforce developers have to develop the right applications on various PaaS (Product as a Service) platforms. Hence, the developer must have strong coding knowledge and the ability to construct club-based applications using platform.

Skills to Look for In A Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer


When you are searching for a capable Salesforce developer, look for the following skills:

Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Similar to Java, Salesforce is also an object-oriented programming language. This approach involves making a lot of classes and objects. OOP allows developers to work in a smooth development environment with minimum maintenance, involving concepts like Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. Hence, when you hire a Salesforce consultant, check if they have experience in OOP programming and possess the knowledge for how to leverage it.


JavaScript is a programming language based on the ECMAScript standards. A typical Salesforce developer with good command of JavaScript can enhance the quality of project execution. JavaScript is also used in distinguishing and tweaking the capabilities of Visualforce pages and setting up pass parameters to showcase pop-ups and confirmation messages. Therefore, a good knowledge of JavaScript will improve the arsenal of the programmer.


All object-oriented programmers are required to be proficient in C#. The coding structure of C# is very similar to JavaScript, and it is one of the most common OOP languages used in the industry. Hence, C# knowledge is a very basic requirement for any Salesforce developer.

Data Modelling

The method to store data in an architecturally-structured way is called data modeling. Salesforce developers can customize preset models and modify the functionalities. Developers can also develop data models using Salesforce to facilitate any processes they want.

Lightning Frameworks

Lightning Component Framework is a very popular framework consistently used in developing web applications for cross-platform functionality. It is an important and dynamic feature in Salesforce, relied upon by many developers. The lightning platform utilizes Apex for the back-end and JavaScript for the front-end.

Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)

This is a popular tool used for recalling sets of data from a large database. It works similarly to the SELECT statement in SQL, but it is developed particularly for use in the Salesforce platform. SOQL enables developers to build effective query strings for multiple environments.

How to hire a Salesforce developer

The following steps outline the process of hiring a Salesforce developer for your company:

  1. Identify the business needs

Before you start looking for a Salesforce developer, you need to identify the needs of your company, the type of development services required, and the specific skills the developer must possess.

  1. Prepare a clear and concise job description

Draft a job description that clearly states the day-to-day responsibilities of the Salesforce developer. Include the necessary qualification, certifications, experience, and additional skills that will provide an added advantage.

  1. Advertise the vacancy

Popularize the job description in job portals and social media platforms. Ask people in your network to refer candidates and share the vacancy news with as many people as possible.

  1. Review applications and hold interviews

Carefully review the resumes of the applicants and shortlist the candidates that fulfill your requirements. Conduct interviews to evaluate their skills, experience, and ability to handle difficult projects.

  1. Check the references and background of the applicant

Once the interview levels are over, check the references provided by the candidate and conduct a background check. Be sure to ask for the candidate’s permission before submitting their documents to the background check company for legal reasons.

  1. Extend an offer and negotiate the salary

Once you have finalized a candidate, make them an offer and negotiate the salary and employment benefits with them. 

Where to find a salesforce developer?

Salesforce Developer

Networking platform

Professional networking platforms are best suited for hiring Salesforce engineers. In 2021, these platforms were found to be the most affected and reliable source of getting Salesforce developer applications for a vacancy. LinkedIn is the best example of a professional networking platform where you can leverage your connections for visibility.


Local resources are your best chance at finding the right Salesforce developer for your needs. Word of mouth is still the best way to carry messages, so utilize it effectively to fill up the vacancy. Ask your friends and family in the IT sector to find you a capable Salesforce developer suitable for your work culture. This makes it easier to generate applications faster and hastens the hiring process.

Online Job Portals

Online job portals have been one of the most dependable sources of applications since the internet became mainstream. Register on the platform as a recruiter, describe your requirements for the role, and wait for the applications to pour in. However, remember that accepting an application on a job portal means shortlisting them for an interview, so make your moves carefully.

Freelancing Platforms

Platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour are very common marketplaces for finding a capable Salesforce developer. While these platforms offer freelancing opportunities, you can directly connect with the developer for a job opportunity or even test them with a project to determine their skills and capabilities. You will get a long list of profiles from these platforms, almost making it difficult to choose from. If you end up hiring a developer as a freelancer, keep in mind that they are only contractually obligated to your company for a temporary period without any exclusivity.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Salesforce developers are in very high demand, and it is important to find the ideal candidate quickly. The hiring process mentioned above will help you in finding the right candidate, one who aligns with your business goals.

Take note that the success of your hiring process depends on how well you understand what is required from the professional and the complexities involved.

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