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7 Attractive Ways to Promote your Instagram Account for Free

Having hundreds of millions of daily active users, Instagram is the best platform free of charge that you can use to reach your target audience. Posting a bunch of content won’t guarantee results. 

Regular Instagram posts are important, but they should form part of a broader strategy to promote your account. Increasingly popular on the digital platform, Instagram is the latest social networking site. 

The entire website is built around video, with pictures and videos accompanied by attractive captions. Putting up your videos regularly on the site is the best way to gain popularity with comprehensive followers. However, with so many different options out there for getting new Instagram followers, its important to know which options are best.

Instagram is a great way to promote yourself, so having one is a big plus. Here is a guide to help you promote your Instagram account and grow your fan base.

1. Stay up-to-date on Instagram

Even though Instagram allows users more freedom of customization, posting at the appropriate time makes posts more visible due to their total commitment.

A company can gain exposure by scheduling Instagram content, among other things. You can plan data for long-term programs with the latest software. Create content ahead of time and communicate with your audience regularly.

2. Schedule posts and post regularly

Keeping an active Instagram account is important, but failing to post at the right time will not promote it. There are different “right times” depending on your target audience, type of business, and more. 

Engaging content on Instagram is also essential for building followers. Consistent posting will get your posts seen by more people. Consistent posting will take you to your audience. 

When you post on Instagram, you gain visibility. Regular posts keep you in front of your customers.

3. Collaborate with other brands

Ask other brands to collaborate on Instagram. The right collaboration can benefit everyone. You may already work with companies or brands elsewhere as an improvement association. 

By collaborating, you reach out to two groups instead of one, and the other brand will become more trusting of your brand.

4. Prioritize engagement

Your Instagram account should be promoted by genuine engagement. The more you respond to consumer comments, the more exposure, and comments you will receive. 

Engage your supporters proactively by liking and commenting on their posts and following them back. Each engagement builds your audience’s trust and promotes your Instagram account organically.

5. Use hashtags to reform

You can easily grow your Instagram following by using hashtags. As hashtags have been used for exploring, they have broadened our social reach.

One of the best ways for marketers to grow and promote their Instagram accounts is to win fans with hashtags. 

Choose hashtags that are not too crowded. With millions of photos on the web, Instagram material won’t stand out.

6. Update your bio and Instagram profile

More than two-thirds of people visit non-followers Instagram profiles. You can promote yourself on Instagram for free if new visitors follow you after reading your bio and profile. It will not if your profile is unclear, incomplete, or unattractive.

It is necessary to fully configure your Instagram account before learning how to get followers. Your bio and profile will determine your brand’s image.

7. Be honest and real.

Instagram may seem fake in some cases. Make sure you have relatable and authentic content. If you highlight the unique aspects of your business, people will be attracted to it. 

By incorporating user-generated content, third-party content, or even employee quotes, you will be able to distinguish your brand values better. This is also how IG influencers are growing their accounts in size at alarming rates — along with using working social media growth methods discussed throughout this blog as well.

Try the Instagram Stories tool if you are comfortable using video to introduce your company culture or unique personality!

Instagram Growth Tips Summary

If you would like to extend your profile and improve your follow-up, Instagram is a great place to do it. 

It has over one billion monthly followers, a nervous system, and many innovative and inspirational accounts. 

Instagram’s popularity keeps rising, so getting followers will allow you to expand your reach by using these insights. 

It is possible to grow your Instagram following organically as early as tomorrow if you are ready to invest your time.

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