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6 Tips to Extend the Life of Brother Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Ink cartridges are one of the most expensive consumables. Over the years, they might even cost you more than the printer itself. Whether you buy a Brother printer, Canon, or HP printer, the ink costs are sure to accelerate. Moreover, all these recommend the usage of certified ink to make sure you get the best print quality. For example, the Brother printer manufacturers recommend using the brother toner cartridge with your printer. As a result, the ink costs further rise. 

Moreover, if you have regular printer use then you are well aware of the need to change the ink cartridge now and then. But, there must be some way to cut down printer ink costs. Hence, today we have bought you a few expert tips to extend the life of your inkjet printer cartridges. So let’s get our engine revving!

Expert Tips To Make Your Ink Cartridges Last Longer

When it comes to extending the lifespan of your ink cartridges, the tips range from adjusting the printer’s settings to storing the cartridges in a better way. Moreover, if you have high printing needs, then you should start investing in ink bottles rather than ink cartridges. They not only last longer, but are also very economical. But since many of us use ink cartridges, so let’s discuss the ways to prolong the lifespan of your ink cartridges. 

  • Switch To Greyscale / Use Draft Mode More Often

You must have seen that your printer offers options for the type of print you want. One option is the greyscale. This is for printing text documents of normal quality. Therefore, if you have to print a lot of documents that are not of any professional value, then you can switch to grayscale. Moreover, if you have a printer for your home, then the greyscale option is the perfect one for you. This is because, on the greyscale, the printer uses less ink, hence, lessening your ink consumption. 

Another good option to cut down printer ink usage is to use draft mode when printing text documents. You can switch to the draft mode when you have to print drafts for correction or when the document is not of any professional importance. 

  • Keep The Printer In Use

One way to make sure that your ink cartridge does not dry out is to use the printer regularly. So, you might think about how to do this if you do not print regularly. Well, every week, make sure you print one or two pages. This way your printer will remain in use and the cartridges will not dry out. 

However, if you do not use your printer for long periods, not only do the ink cartridges dry out, but the printhead also starts getting clogged. Therefore, to prevent this, you should make sure that your printer stays in use. This tip will not only save your ink cartridges but also increase the efficiency of your printer. 

  • Uninstall Old Software

When there is a software update, your printer will notify you. Hence, it is recommended that you uninstall the old software and go on with re-installing the latest firmware and software. You must be wondering what software update has to do with expanding the lifespan of ink cartridges. You must be aware of the fact that your printer primes the ink before it starts working. Hence, when you upgrade your printer’s software, the priming process is efficient and the printhead is cleaned in a better way. This ultimately leads to efficient ink usage.

  • Use Ink Saving Fonts

Your choice of ink fonts highly affects your printer’s ink usage. If you go with the flashy, bold fonts, you will feel like your printer is drinking ink by the gallons. Even fonts like ariel use a large quantity of ink. Therefore, it is good to switch to slim, professional fonts. 

Times New Roman is a pretty good choice. Apart from this, another economic font is the eco font. It delivers good quality but uses very less amount of ink as compared to other fonts. Therefore, switch to pithy fonts wherever you can and see how your ink costs dwindle.

  • Turn Off The Printer When Not In Use

When your printer is not in use, and you know that it will be not used for long hours, then it is good to turn it off and then keep it on standby. This way your printer will stop the ink priming process and this will eventually save ink clogging and prevent the printheads from clogging too. Furthermore, this will also save your printer from heating up and becoming less efficient. 

  • Store Ink Cartridges Properly

If you are a regular printer user, it is understandable that you buy ink cartridges in bulk. However, you should save the cartridges in a cool, dry place to make sure they do not dry out. Moreover, make sure that your cartridge is not tilted when stored. Lastly, shake the cartridges well before using them. 

Key Takeaways

No one wants to spend thousands and thousands on printer ink. Therefore, it is an honest decision to use them economically. The best way is to make sure that you keep your printer in basic settings for day-to-day documents and print only when you need to. 

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