6 Interesting Facts To Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin facts

Bitcoin is popularly known as the money of the internet and has grown tremendously over the past seven to eight years. No doubt, it is the undisputed king of cryptos. Some investors are actively using it for daily transactions and investment purposes. But many are there who look for interacting facts about bitcoin. Here are some, following which you can click on the go URL and invest. 

The first bitcoin was used for buying pizza

Did you know May 22 is celebrated as Bitcoin pizza day? When bitcoins were mined, they did not hold any value virtually. It costs a huge amount to purchase a BTC, but everything changed when a person purchased something. A few years ago, it was a big deal as no one was interested in accepting bitcoins. On 22nd May 2010, for 10,000 BTC two pizzas were exchanged by Laszlo Hanyecz. It is the first official documented purchase using bitcoins. 

The investor is a mystery. 

The investor of bitcoin is indeed unknown since its inception. Several scams took place regarding the investor. In May 2016, an Australian entrepreneur, Craig Wright, claimed to be the inventor. Later on, it was also revealed to be another scammer, and it has led to many comments like “Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme”. 

Losing bitcoin private keys means losing bitcoins. 

Suppose you were cleaning your desk and by mistakenly, dropped the hard disk. It had the private keys of the bitcoins. He realized after seeing the news where a man got lucky by buying bitcoin at a lower price. After searching, he cannot find it as without the private keys, the funds are no longer available. 


While making transactions through bitcoin, the identity of the person is never revealed. The address is present, and it is a permanent ledge, so everything taking place is transparent. If anyone knows your address, they can check how many bitcoins you have and the transactions you have made. If you want to hide the IP address, use a VPN. 

 No physical existence 

They do not have any physical existence, so bitcoin cannot be touched or printed. They are mined on the blockchain network and came into existence after miners mine blocks successfully. Presently, the mining power is 300 times more powerful, and it is more than the world’s leading five supercomputers combined. 

Purchase many things

It is a common question where people ask what you can purchase with bitcoin. And the answer is everything, provided the company or shop allows transactions through bitcoin. From making a transaction in a foreign land, having a coffee, buying a car, ordering food, etc., anything can be purchased through cryptocurrency. 

Summing up 

Bitcoin is considered by many people in the 21st century and it has been possible because of the internet. Several cryptocurrencies came and left, but bitcoin is still holding its position firmly. It shows that this crypto is here to stay for a long time. In the future, it cannot be pushed away because bitcoin can threaten the financial power system

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