Yan Stavisski Is Helping Young Entrepreneurs Become Financially Literate With King Credit LLC

Young Entrepreneurs

Yan Stavisski’s path to financial freedom has never been an easy one. The serial entrepreneur has made a comeback from the depths of debt to educate young entrepreneurs on how important Credit is.

At the age of 22, Yan Stavisski graduated from UC Berkeley, double majoring in Marketing and Finance. After filling out over 100 different job applications, he struggled to land a high paying job that he wanted. Frustrated with his lack of luck, he decided to pursue new endeavors as an entrepreneur. During this time, he began “Travel Hacking”, a way of leveraging Credit to travel around the world using miles on a credit card. Without any prior knowledge of how Credit worked, Yan dug himself into a 100,000 dollar hole. He was starting to pay more interest expenses than he was making from his new ventures that were initially funded by his Credit.

After initially failing as an entrepreneur, Yan landed a job as a salesperson for a tech company. Within three months of being hired, he climbed his way to the top, working 60-80 hours a week to become one of the company’s best sales reps. After finding success as a salesman, Yan paid off all of his debt and avoided being sued for his outstanding balances. With newfound confidence, Yan decided it was time to give the entrepreneurial lifestyle another shot. He returned to the scene by making small scale real estate investments, quickly becoming successful in his new venture.

Yan’s business experiences helped him learn more about Credit, and how to leverage it rather than let it leverage him. He got back into the “Travel Hacking” game, this time having a much better understanding of what he was doing. He was finally financially free.

His experiences dealing with his credit situation inspired Yan to start King Credit LLC. The firm’s mission is to help young entrepreneurs understand Credit’s power and how it can be used to better their financial standing. Through his platform on Instagram, Yan offers advice and educational content to help his audience become financially literate and avoid the same situation he found himself in just years ago. “What I’ve started is totally different than any college, online course, or anything really out there,” said Yan. “Very few people understand that credit is something extremely powerful and can be used to literally create financial freedom instead of something that people need to worry about as a huge liability and headache in most cases.”

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