6 Home Intelligence Social Media Marketing Tips

Our phones are not the only ones getting smarter. It’s 2022, and homes are getting intelligent too. Several real estate owners have switched to selling smart houses because of their sheer popularity. And now businesses are trying to build sustainable housing systems that are affordable for the ordinary person. 

But like every venture, there’s one common hiccup. And that’s branding and marketing. The constant struggle to become the trusted name in your niche requires a lot of planning and careful execution. 

Thanks to social media, marketing is enthralling and has the potential for you to reach out to the broad spectrum of audiences out there. But isn’t social media the best fit for beauty and travel ventures? Can the intelligent home industry mark its territory here as well? Well, the answer is a big yes. 

Multiple smart home businesses have already adopted social media marketing and are growing in leaps and bounds. So now the question is, how can you perfect your social media regime and garner more leads?

Wipe your sweating brow as we are about to reveal the tips that you need to implement right away. But first, let’s dig in to find the latest insights before you kickstart your smart home journey on social media.

Home intelligence insights 2022

The home intelligence industry is thriving and has a beaming future ahead. As per the latest statistics 2022, here are some jaw-dropping figures.

  • The estimated market size worldwide for smart homes in 2022 is 99.41 billion USD and is expected to mark 113+ billion USD by 2026.
  • The penetration rate of smart homes is 12.2% globally.
  • There are about 258.54 million smart homes around the world. 
  • 62 billion USD is spent on smart home devices. This number is expected to hit 88 billion USD by 2025. 
  • As per the HIVE report, 86% of millennials don’t mind paying more for smart homes.  
  • 54% of the house wonders believe having smart homes will sell their property faster. 

Most of these figures will hike in the coming decades, with millennials and generation Z being the direct consumers. And the best way to reach out to this elite group is through social media. 

Here’s how to market your intelligent home systems on social media and lure leads like never before.

6 Home intelligence social media marketing tips 

Like every marketing activity, start with the target audience. Next, zero down on platforms your demographic are most active on. Then it would help if you jotted down a rough content workflow plan for each month. Follow these six easy tips while you make one. 

1. Video glimpses

Video is an absolute favorite post type for every marketer. Coming to the video content part, it can be a daily vlog or quick renovation glimpse. These are enticing for all demographics too. Always opt for high-quality videos with your logo design embarked for a professional touch. 

You can also film your team to capture all the brainstorming behind the scenes. If you are launching a new smart home device, go for a tutorial video and talk about its setup.

Here’s how GoogleNest uses video marketing on Instagram to highlight their smart home devices. A specific highlight also prompts followers to share their personalized experience with that particular feature. 

2. Testimonial insights

Your clients determine your potential. Their testimonials will make your service authentic and trustworthy. So if you have a happy client base, ask them about their experience with you. 

Please encourage them to share their feedback with you on social media by giving them a small token of appreciation. These can be in the form of coupons or loyalty cards, or even discounts on new intelligent products. 

You can go for the video format again or use their feedback as quote posts in your official account. It will fetch you a brand reputation, and word-of-mouth marketing will come into play.

Here’s how Wink makes use of user-generated content. Wink retweets their followers’ posts and engages with them. It also ensures that they care about their customers and immediately attend to them. 

3. Influencer takeover 

Influencer takeovers are the most remarkable ways to promote yourself as a brand. You can opt for many micro-influencers from your niche or a closely related industry. 

For example, you can partner with home decor enthusiasts, so they complete the look of a smart home. You can also collaborate with interior designers for quick, thoughtful renovation. 

Instagram takeovers are a big-time success and can be executed as part of pompous campaigns. And don’t forget YouTube influencers, either. They’re usually great on camera. Sponsorships are lucrative for them too. 

The best part is influencers already have a closely-knit base of followers so it’s great for organic Instagram growth. So they’re likely to have a willingness to work with you. Once they back you up, you get exposed to thousands of new followers who are also ready to vouch for you.

Ecobee, a Canada-based smart home solution partners with Vanessa Vakharia, a tutoring studio owner, to discover tips for parents and kids as home transforms into a co-working space amid the pandemic. 

4. Using hashtags

Hashtags are the top social listening tools, and you must leverage them at all costs. They are very similar to SEO keywords and are used for better visibility. The reach is impeccable. The most fantastic part of a hashtag is that your profile shows up to people looking for relevant purchases. 

But here’s a catch. Always go for a hashtag mix, i.e., include generic and specific hashtags. If you are planning a campaign, then come up with a campaign hashtag. It will help to include a brand or a product hashtag in your posts for better branding. You can even try using a hashtag generator to find the perfect one for your post.

You can also encourage your followers to use your brand hashtags beforehand if they have been your customers. You can repost such user-generated content in your profile.

Did you notice how short and crisp the hashtag is? You can draw inspiration from this catchy hashtag for your campaigns. Here’s how Bosch Smart Home partnered with Mercedes for their campaign #LikeABosch. 

5. Optimized bio 

No matter how many followers you have, if your social media doesn’t drive leads to your website, the effort isn’t worth it. 

So how do you ensure your viewers tap to purchase your services? The solution is easier than you thought. It lies in the bio. 

Always mention your website link in your profile bios so new visitors checking out your profile can immediately direct themselves to your offerings, thereby entering the sales funnel. 

You can add hashtags of currently running campaigns or brand hashtags along with the website link.

Philips Hue has a short and captivating bio with its brand hashtags and website link. They have also used emoticons. You can follow the same steps to optimize your bio to mellow the business-like tone. 

6. Hiring agency

Social media is quite intricate and has many more layers than one can think of. There are continuous algorithm tweaks, and one needs to be on the lookout for trends to implement all sorts of tricks. 

Social media agencies can study your analytics report and make decisive moves to grow your profile dynamics. They can also run ads that fit your budget and give great ROI. If you are short on budget you can hire a social media virtual assistant to help you with these tasks. Get professional help from social media experts if you need quick results.

With these social media tips, you can also improve your presence online with some traditional marketing techniques. Make sure to integrate both of these ventures to reap the maximum benefits. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Add social walls to your website. 

These cross-promotional tweaks can help you massively in growing your followers and lead simultaneously. 

Summing up

In coming times, the smart home industry will undoubtedly witness a staggering surge. In this age of comfort, millennials or Gen Z don’t want to compromise on anything. They are ready to spend more on a luxurious lifestyle.

And to reach out to this enormous spending power tribe. Smart homes will be even more innovative and influential with the advent of 5G technology and strict cybersecurity protocols. 

So, this is the perfect time to strike the marketing chord with your customers. Wait no more and start implementing all these tips to see great results.  

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