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6 Commercial Landscaping Ideas To Increase Property Value

Beautiful landscaping around your business can impart your ideals, professionalism, and welcoming attitude. Commercial landscaping is so much more than creating thriving flowerbeds and sleek pathways. The outside of your property can represent you and what your company stands for. 

There are many creative ways to improve your business’s exterior, from outdoor workspaces to concealing an unattractive car park.

1. Outdoor workspaces

Depending on your local weather, this may or may not be a good idea. One of the notable features of office work is that employees rarely see the sun or get to enjoy the fresh air. 

Extending your outdoor seating area to include a workspace with practical tables and chairs will enable people to spend more than their lunch hour enjoying the outside air. You can even invest in outdoor charging sockets. 

It is known that a well-ventilated office improves productivity, and you can’t get much more well-ventilated working outside. Perhaps it is a bold and innovative idea to introduce outdoor workspaces, but it will mark your business as experimental and fresh.

2. Use smart technology

While a smart garden is essential, the exterior of your building will remain the main feature of your landscape. Whether you have a tall glass office block, or a smaller painted building, maintaining its upkeep is vital, and IoT can help with waste management by using smart bins that accomplish trash-related tasks. If your commercial property and commercial loan true rate services are not too big, you might consider giving it a fresh lick of paint to keep it looking bold and impressive.

3. Welcoming signs

Your commercial landscaping aims to attract people to your building. An ugly, unfriendly place does not invite people inside. 

One effortless way to convey that you are a welcoming place is signage. This is an excellent way to set the tone of your business and can become quite a feature. Carefully consider where you place it to stand out, perhaps at the entrance to the property or within the garden.

4. Perfect pathways

Whether you have a network of pathways or a single path leading to your entranceways, paths are a great way to separate your property from the surrounding roads and give your building a grander status. 

It is a good idea to keep your pathways nice and wide for many people to walk up and down without creating traffic. You might also want to consider tree removal for commercial complexes.

Think about how you want to pave your paths. It is a chance to add some individuality. If you’re going for a bolder look, you could try using mismatched tiles to personalize the place. You might also want to introduce some benches along your walkways for people to spend coffee breaks in nice weather. 

If you have extensive land to landscape, you could get adventurous with your pathways, so assess how you can take full advantage of your paths to add character. 

5. Distinctive features

A feature or two in your property’s exterior can add texture to your outdoor area. You might opt for a flower bed or a small statue depending on the size. A stylish water feature with a pleated lamp in an undercover area will help to liven it up if you have more space.

A flower bed of native plants will attract local wildlife and is suitable for the environment. Nothing brings a smile to your face like seeing thriving flowers. Consider what kind of feature best represents your business.

6. Clever concealing

Now that your garden and walkways look sleek and charming, you don’t want a packed car park or busy road to intrude on the pleasant atmosphere you have created.  

Cleverly thinking about how you design the layout of your space can help conceal any unattractive encroachment from the outside world. Planting tall trees, for example, along the edge of a car park will help to hide them from view.  

Similarly, a sloped entrance will block the sight of a road running past your property. Laying down a sloped turf will do wonders to improve the aesthetic of your landscape. 

Summing up

Landscaping your commercial space is an opportunity full of potential to personalize your business. The exterior of your building and its outdoor area can relay the character of your company as quirky, professional, creative, or relaxed. 

It is a chance to be innovative, try new working practices, or muck in, and have a go at landscaping yourself to give your business authenticity.  

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