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5 Ways to Impress Your Digital Business Clients with Data

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No matter which industry you work in, it is likely that data is your most essential resource. Not only does data inform your business strategy and help you target the right leads, but it can also be used to attract high-value clients to your company. However, raw data is not enough.

If you’re trying to use data to engage digital business clients and attract new prospects, then it is important to remember that your data is only as effective as the person presenting it. Using data to genuinely impress your clients requires an ability to identify high-value data and present it in meaningful ways. With that in mind, here are five ways that you can impress your digital business clients with your data. 

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1. High-Impact Data Design

The first and most important step is to present your data in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and strikes a chord with your audience. You should be following the core principles of presenting data. This includes presenting different graphs and charts in a way that allows for instant, easy comparison. It means using as few figures as possible and using soft colors. Keep the experience of the viewer in mind when presenting data.

2. Collecting Valuable Data That Your Competitors Don’t Have

If you’re pitching to a client and trying to make the case for your business, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have valuable data that your competitors might not have. This can be achieved simply by using data gathering tools that can get you what you need. One such example is the Lusha B2B data plugin for Google Chrome, which allows you to instantly collate and collect detailed profile and contact information from thousands of potential customers and clients online. This is the kind of data that has the ‘wow factor’ your clients are looking for.

3. Using Analytics Tools to Highlight Success Stories

Your data presentations should always be able to highlight what you have done well in a way that demonstrates a forward-thinking, proactive, and actionable approach. That’s why you should not shy away from using your own internal analytics. Examples could include PPC campaign data from Google Analytics or even engagement metrics from your social media channels. Your data should tell the client all of your success stories that deserve to be heard.

4. Tell a Data-Driven Story

Remember, data is never just about cold, hard numbers. You must be able to tell a riveting story with your data. Before compiling your presentation, place all of your data points and graphs out in front of you. Try and approach it from the perspective of a novelist. Think about how your data can be structured to tell a chronological, gripping story with a narrative that is genuinely compelling for clients and stakeholders. 

5. Look Outside of Your Company

Finally, any data presentation mustn’t be too inwardly-focused. Consider your competitors and what kind of data you have on them. Even if they are outperforming you, this kind of data could prove valuable in any presentation to clients, as it shows that you are on the ball. Think about industry-wide data metrics that fit into your existing data. It is vital that you can use data to build a holistic description of your company’s mission that makes you seem authoritative and knowledgeable. 

With these simple tips, you can use your data in a compelling way to win over clients and attract new ones. 

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