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Crafting the Ideal PPC Management Experience – White Shark Media 

As the advertising sector continues its rapid pace of evolution, PPC marketing and its emerging trends often take center stage in campaigns focused on generating revenue and onboarding users for all types of firms, e-commerce platforms, and websites. 

The 2019 PPC runway promises to be markedly different from many past iterations, with Google Ads and Bing Ads introducing many new features and points of emphasis. Coupled with parallel trends like cross-device optimization, the expansion of new content types (i.e., short-form video), and AI/ML, grasping the evolving PPC space is a daunting task. 

That’s where White Shark Media (WSM) has carved out a profitable corner in the PPC market, providing the knowledge, tools, and services that manage over $300 million in media spend. 

The firm’s competitive edge? A suite of PPC tools, including AdInisghts, Optimizer, and Academy

Specialization in the Digitally Fast-Paced Environment of Big Data 

One of the biggest digital trends shaping the contemporary Internet is the notion of big data’s implications on the future web’s landscape, with its amorphous reference as the “Web 3.0.” The next iteration of the modern web is expected to comprise various new mediums for content side-by-side with AI/ML tools for parsing, analyzing, and presentation of data. 

In particular, such a trend is highly relevant to PPC advertising not only because PPC modeling rapidly changes but also since the sheer size of data inputs for evaluating consumer and user patterns on the web will inevitably grow and diversify. 

That’s where specialization becomes paramount. 

For example, Google Ads shifted emphasis from keywords to target audiences this year, a significant departure from previous marketing strategies that relied on keywords as the primary campaign directive. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), boutique ad agencies, and franchises simply don’t have the time or technical expertise to continually adapt to major changes like that, so the role of specialized PPC firms like WSM becomes critically important.  

WSM details ongoing changes in the PPC market to a public audience via its blog, and also provides a slate of 3 powerful PPC tools that help companies to automate and manage their PPC campaigns with efficiency, effectiveness, and ease.

The critical advantages that WSM offers reflect a broader trend in technology, where automation and management of complex data sets converge with more agile online businesses.  

For example, WSM’s AdInsights, an automated PPC auditing tool and interface, works with both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts, indexing performance metrics and showcasing positive and negatives of PPC campaigns deployed by their clients. 

Importantly, AdInsights takes into account the notion of the Internet’s big data-oriented future, which is designed to curate multiple campaign data inputs and present them in an actionable format. WSM even supplements AdInsights with Optimizer, a tool where PPC experts give real-time advice and insights to clients on their PPC campaigns. Interval-based analysis of primary KPIs and trends are bundled with detailed instructions on how to optimize performance. 

The entire WSM process is streamlined and optimized for specialization, a vision congruent with the unfolding web landscape today. And WSM even offers educational products for the more intellectually curious entrepreneurs and small business employees with its Academy — a series of free online courses for PPC insights. 

Considering that competition in the PPC market is ballooning, driving costs for specific keywords drastically higher, Academy is almost a pre-requisite for a basic understanding of a lucrative industry that most business owners should have a baseline awareness of. 

Digital businesses increasingly are looking to scale with leaner staffs and tighter budgets, which necessarily entails discovering automated tools that can augment their growth strategies. By injecting itself into the modern growth funnel, WSM is ideally positioned to absorb more PPC market share as the Internet evolves. 

WSM’s confluence of tools for advertising campaigns has fueled the firm’s blossoming business too. The company is entrusted among more than 80 partners in 11 different countries, encompassing dashboard and reporting platforms, partner portals, call tracking tools, sales enablement tools, and more.  

However, proof of crafting the ideal PPC management experience lies in the pioneering of automated tools, an area where WSM has excelled. 

In a rapidly evolving digital age, that’s more than can be said for a vast majority of the competition and should serve the company well as we dive deeper into the implications of consumer analysis, big data, and the enigmatic Web 3.0. 

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