5 Ways Tech Can Help Boost Your Health


It’s true that technology can have a negative impact on our health – humans have become more sedentary than ever, and our addiction to social media isn’t exactly helping our anxiety and depression.

However, when we focus on the good and truly take advantage of technological advancements in recent years, not only can we combat these pitfalls but use technology to improve our health in significant ways.

Wondering how? Here are five areas of our health that we can boost with the help of good tech. 

Better Sleep

Nowadays, we have plenty of technology to help you sleep better, as well as track your sleep so you know where and how to improve.

Sleeping aids like cooling pads for your bed can help regulate your body temperature during the night, and couples can even invest in adjustable beds to suit each person’s needs. We also have cheap and easy access to sleep-tracking technology and apps that track your sleep cycles and help you understand the best times to go to sleep and wake up for that perfect, well-rested feeling. 

Better Nutrition

Tech can even help us to eat better. Technology like smart scales and smart refrigerators can help you to make more informed decisions about what you put in your body.

There are also apps for tracking your calories, tracking your fasting windows for intermittent fasting, and endless healthy recipe apps to help you learn to create nourishing meals. By leaning on technology and the internet, you have a wealth of nutrition knowledge at your fingertips. Weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health are more accessible than ever with these tools; if only we make use of them! 

Better Movement

Our physical activity has also been boosted by tech. Not only do we have wearable devices to track our activity, but there are also fitness apps to motivate us and guide us through our fitness journeys. 

Not to mention the exercise machines that have become available – new trends, like the popular walking pad, have made healthy habits like simply getting your steps in each day incredibly easy. Now, if you’re not able to get outside for a walk, you can do so in the comfort of your home, and keep moving while you’re hard at work in front of your laptop. 

Better Healthcare

Telehealth is another technological progression that is quite literally saving lives!

In modern times, you’re able to get in touch with doctors over video calls or even apps, making healthcare more accessible to those who can’t drive, are short on time, or have other constrains and limitations. 

Better Mental Health

Finally, technology can assist us with managing and improving our mental health. 

This is yet another realm where apps are king – there are apps for meditation and mindfulness and even apps where you can virtually talk to a therapist, which is an amazing option for those who can’t afford in-person therapy. However, just make sure you don’t spend too much time doom-scrolling, and you’ll be set. 

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