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5 Ways NIT Alaska is Solving Alaska’s Workforce Shortage: Redefining the Value of Skilled Trades

5 Ways NIT Alaska is Solving Alaska's Workforce Shortage

Are you concerned about the ongoing workforce shortage in Alaska? Do you struggle to find skilled workers for your business? If so, Northern Industrial Training (NIT) may be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

As a vital arm of Alaska’s workforce solution, NIT Alaska provides comprehensive vocational training, safety services, and corporate communication to bridge the skills gap. 

In this article, we’ll explore how NIT Alaska is redefining the value of skilled trades in Alaska and promoting a more prosperous future for the state. Here are the top 5 ways NIT Alaska is solving Alaska’s workforce shortage:

  1. Providing Vocational Training
  2. Offering Corporate Services
  3. Valuing Partnerships
  4. Focusing on Client-Specific Needs
  5. Promoting Skilled Trades

1. Providing Vocational Training

At NIT Alaska, we offer a range of online and on-site vocational training programs. Our hands-on approach is designed to take individuals from little to no skill to enough skill to enter the workforce

Our year-round courses include truck driving, mechanics training, welding, carpentry, and heavy equipment training in the summertime. We also provide online programs to support skilled training from within. 

Our focus is on courses that offer a job outcome based on our current local economy and what is most needed.

2. Offering Corporate Services

In addition to vocational training, we provide various corporate services to help companies develop their workforce. 

We offer regulatory safety and onsite safety audits by certified professionals, business solutions services, and subject matter experts that help companies provide employment opportunities without sacrificing standards or skill. 

We can embed employees within companies to do everything from day-to-day functions to workforce development. We also have some significant companies outsourcing their training and administration departments to us.

3. Valuing Partnerships

NIT Alaska values partnerships with corporations and vendors to ensure success. We work with companies like Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), and The Associated Village Council Presidents (AVCP) to provide for many of our students. 

We also work with local vendors such as NAPA stores (operated by Alaskan Auto Inc.), Central Welding Supply, Shoreside Petroleum, and Granger to provide the necessary products for training. 

We also work with employers who are the final step in the process, providing opportunities for employees to develop additional skills and grow within the company.

4. Focusing on Client-Specific Needs

At NIT Alaska, we focus on “client-specific needs and training.” This means working with companies directly to develop workforce plans or training existing employees to do needed jobs. 

This approach will help bridge the skills gap and provide opportunities for individuals seeking to enter the workforce. 

Our team can embed employees within companies to assist with day-to-day functions. We have subject matter experts who help companies provide opportunities for employees without sacrificing standards or skills.

5. Promoting Skilled Trades

We are passionate about promoting skilled trades as a viable career opportunity and targeting younger workers and underrepresented groups. 

Investing in skilled trades will not only help individuals succeed, but it will also benefit Alaska’s economy as a whole. We are leaning into the online format, utilizing Blackboard for theory delivery at a more lively pace, and offering more changes to course offerings that allow them to continue to work and support their families while developing additional skills.

In conclusion, NIT Alaska is dedicated to providing comprehensive workforce solutions and training to help bridge the skills gap in Alaska. 

Our vocational training programs, corporate services, partnerships, client-specific needs focus, and promotion of skilled trades make us a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enter the workforce and companies looking to develop their employees. 

At NIT Alaska, education and learning are lifelong, and we are committed to being the company of choice for training, safety, and corporate services.

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