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Make Workforce Feel Valued To Keep Them Motivated

 Employees are considerably more inclined to offer their all for their company if they feel valued especially during times of uncertainty. The same respect that is shown to customers should also be shown to employees. Your customer retention strategy should take into account coworkers and colleagues. Here are a few strategies to increase productivity and staff engagement.

  1. Know them as individuals first, not just as resources:

According to Jeff Romero, Founder of Octiv Digital  “Customers and workers are more than just wallets, and they’re more than just ‘assets’; they’re individuals who want to be appreciated and spoken with regularly. Schedule regular video calls to stay in touch with staff members who work remotely.”

  1. Provide a great product experience and equip employees to succeed:

“You make sure that your service or product solves a pressing need for your customers, lives up to your promises, and is easy to use. Put forth the same effort for your employees as you would for your clients. Customers are greeted with respect by salesmen, store clerks, and customer service professionals. According to Ethan Bull, Owner of ProAssisting, “The great product experience you deliver is the firm itself: a terrific corporate culture, a lovely location to work, and the sensation of being able to complete a decent job without being delayed by unpleasant obstructions.

Engagement requires you to be doing something you like in a circumstance that matters. Spending time learning about a subject that people are passionate about and can use in the workplace may significantly enhance people’s engagement and retention. Together with your personnel, design a plan for their professional growth and motivate them to keep learning. Not just new hires need education. It might be anything from signing up for professional certificates to taking online e-learning courses.

  1. Resolve issues quickly:

Employees are unlikely to criticize the company on social media in the same way that a dissatisfied customer could through sites that now provide them a forum to do so, said Matt Janaway, CEO of Matt Janaway. On the other side, prompt response to issues demonstrates respect for others. Listen to all of them and make an effort to address their problems, just as you would with client complaints. Giving people what they need is a huge win-win because people want to do important work, move the needle, and achieve outcomes for their firm.


  1. Thank your employees in a big way:

Do you offer your consumers rewards and gifts? Could you use the same strategy with your team members?

“Presents, especially modest ones, help to reinforce positive emotions by marking accomplishments and significant anniversaries. Celebrate both individual and team accomplishments, such as a significant sale, a new customer, or a finished project, advised Zephyr Chan, Founder of Living the Good Life. “Company-wide actions like providing nourishing food options and offering (virtual) workout sessions have demonstrated to boost wellness, morale, and productivity,” he continues. “Employees are healthier and less irritated and thankful because they feel appreciated.

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