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5 Tips to Win Over Least-Interested Prospects

For the large majority of marketers and businessmen out there, selling to prospects who are already interested in your service/product in some way isn’t the problem. These people have done their share of research about you and have already decided that you do have what they want. For uninterested prospects, it is a very different ball-game and this is exactly what sets the best salespersons apart from the rest. A major chunk of people think that building such a relationship is almost impossible, but it isn’t. Amongst other factors, one also needs to know what to do and when.

It is worthwhile noting that even if prospects dislike you, all is not lost since they will at least engage with you on a certain level. The ones who are indifferent are much worse since this results in no engagement at all. A lot about getting over this hurdle is to do with understanding customer experience, but there is more than meets the eye on many aspects. You can be sure of that fact. Here are five tips to win over uninterested prospects:- 

  • Be sure to pique their curiosity: The moment you’ve gotten another call with your prospect, it is your job to make sure that they stay interested. Period. Sometimes it comes from their side when they ask you to remind them of something, but you can get it done by means of asking them for a reminder about the last conversation you had with them. That way, they will also be interested to know what you are bringing to the table.
  • The aspect of a focus group: This may sound strange at first, but when it comes down to multiple prospects, it is as good an option as any. Once different prospects participate in a conversation, then things are more at ease and prospects can be won over a lot more easily. This is partly because rather than about products, the conversation becomes centred around them.
  • An irresistible offer: Remember that scene from the iconic movie The Godfather where he says “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse?” well, that’s the advice you need right there. No matter how indifferent they may seem at first, they are sure to react to a great deal in a positive way. Be it special discounts, extended warranties or free trials.
  • Appeal to them for help: This may sound like a surprising move, but it certainly works wonders for the most part. Here, you need to understand that they would like to be heard and respected in their own way, so when you ask and hear what they have to say, their desire to be heard will be satisfied. By asking them targeted questions, you will make them a lot more friendlier and interested in what they have to say.
  • A sales lead: This way, the aspect of earning gratitude is the main force at play here, plus there is also the fact that you would have flipped indifference on its head, immediately turning it into genuine interest. That way, they will certainly be thankful enough to hear what you have to say in its entirety. 

All in all, indifference is quite a big obstacle, but it is certainly not impossible to overcome the problem. Most of all, by keeping the above tips in mind and being patient about the process in its entirety, you will be in the position to hone your PR and communication skills to an unheard-of degree that will set you apart from the rest of the competition. 

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