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5 tips for hotel booking that will save your vacation and mood

5 tips for hotel booking that will save your vacation and mood

As much as the idea of going on a vacation and unwinding brings peace to our minds, we also know that one thing that can ruin everything about a vacation is bad hotels or accommodations. So how to save yourself from a bad hotel experience?

Here are 5 tips for hotel booking that will save your vacation and mood from the horrors of uncomfortable hotels or stays.

1. Location of the hotel

While searching for hotels or accommodations over the internet, one thing you must keep in mind is that the location of your hotel is ideal for your purpose of visiting the city. This means that if you are planning for business travel or a family vacation or even a solo vacation, you would want to choose an accommodation that is located near airports, train stations, or bus stands. Furthermore, it is always wise to book your accommodation in popular areas of the city rather than remote or sketchy locations, so that you can easily access markets, hospitals, and sightseeing locations and can also find public transportation.

2. Budget and charges

This is a no-brainer that while searching for hotels one would be careful to look at the budget of hotels or not. But, still many times it has been observed that travelers often get stuck in messy situations during the payment of their accommodation bills, as they are unaware of the hidden charges or extra charges for laundry services or room services put by the hotel. Therefore, before making the final click on the review of all the things being provided by the hotel for the type of room you choose. Check out what all amenities are free and which ones are charged in your selected accommodation to avoid any last-minute hassle and confusion.

3. Reservations

Many times one must have noticed on hotel booking sites “book now and pay later”. Now, this option is convenient indeed but it would be always wise to ensure that your booking has been confirmed by the hotel and not just by the booking site. Before heading towards the accommodation, always call them to confirm that you have made a booking at their hotel or stay so that in case they haven’t received the booking information they can still book you or inform you if they can accommodate you or not. This trick will save you a lot of time and money.

4. Check the reviews

Do not skip this one. Check as many reviews as possible both good and bad, so that you know what you are going to get in the true sense. Many times, many accommodations would delete the negative reviews received on their website but if you want to have a good time on your vacation then we would suggest you put on your Sherlock hat and do some deep research about the accommodation. Check out the customer reviews on different traveling booking sites and the accommodation’s social media pages, so that you do not end up in a soup when the hotel turns out to be opposite to your expectations

5. Picture does lie

Do not blindly believe the pictures you see on the hotel’s website. If you think that the breathtaking views of the city displayed or the pristine room pictures displayed on their websites are going to be true, then we apologize that we have to burst this bubble for you. It is true that not every accommodation or hotel would cheat like this, but some hotels certainly do, and in such cases, you would be stuck in drab, gloomy rooms with no scenic views and no amenities for your vacation making you grump for every moment of it.

Using these tips would help you find the right type of accommodation, but if you want to be sure about where you are staying, then check out With this platform, you can find several accommodations according to your budget in the city; but the biggest advantage of booking through is that you’ll be protected from any discrepancy about the hotel. As an online travel site, Agoda verifies all the properties listed on the site and displays the truth about the hotel, so that customers know what to expect out of their booked accommodations rather than being scammed through photoshopped or filtered pictures.

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