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5 Tips for Getting Ready to Sell your Home

When it comes to getting rid of your Carson City property, here are tips that will make it sell faster.

We all strive to save up and buy our first home, thinking that we are going to live there forever. A few years later, when we inevitably sell it to upsize, how do we go about making sure it doesn’t linger on the market for the next few years? Houses cost money to list.

Introducing our 5 top tips that will help you deal better with the realtors and sell your home faster. Take our advice, and you should be off the property market, ASAP.

Sell your Home Faster with 5 Top Tips

If you want to sell your home faster, try these things.

1 – Protect your Paths

Whether it be a driveway or your paths that need paving, laying fresh slabs will help your house boost its curb appeal. Imagine you had a potential buyer with mobility issues, who takes one look at your dodgy paths and decides it’s not worth it. There are pavers Carson City Nevada that can take care of that for you or renew a cracked and broken driveway to ensure you can mention it in the listing.

2 – Groom your Garden

If your garden is a mess, you can guarantee that buyers are being put off by it. It could be something as simple as mowing the lawn or weeding the flowerbeds. A garden doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be tidy and taken care of. Would you move to a house with a jungle in the backyard? If you sort it out, the buyers will come.

3 – Consider the Paintwork 

What does the outside of your house look like, anyway? The inside might be perfect, but if the paintwork is stained, chipped, or cracked, your buyers are escaping. Black staining reminds buyers of black mold, which will send them running at speed. A single fresh coat of paint could be all that stands between you and your dream move to Florida.

4 – Neutralize your Color Scheme

If your walls are neon green and your carpet is maroon, you should probably take it down a little. Remember: you’re not decorating for you; you’re decorating for other people to see the house as a blank canvas. Even if you hate the browns, whites, and beige colors, it’s worth it if it gets you to that dream home quicker. Neutralize those colors and move on.

5 – Think Photographs

When decorating to sell, put all of your goods into boxes and cupboards to hide. Think about how houses look in photographs in magazines. This is what the buyer wants to see when they walk in. They want perfectly placed pillows and idyllic gardens; they want sets of three and neat fireplaces. Give them what they want by thinking like you are decorating for a magazine shoot. Be minimal and sell faster.

Sell Faster with Our Top Tips

If you follow the instructions above, you will end up with a Carson City home that you sell in days, if you still want to sell, that is.

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