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A Guide to Help You Get a Realtor’s License in CA

Realtor’s License in CA

California boasts a thriving property market. The real estate landscape is dynamic with diverse properties ranging from beach houses to penthouses and studio apartments. The prices also vary depending on the location. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco top the list as some of the cities with the highest property prices.

However, the robust market is a goldmine for realtors and brokers. Your role as a realtor in CA will vary depending on your skills. You can help manage property rentals or work as a salesperson, assisting young couples in getting a new home for their family.

You must have a license before you can work as a realtor in CA.

Education and Eligibility Prerequisites

The prerequisites vary in different states. You must be 18 years or older to work in the Golden State property market. You must also be a legal U.S. citizen with no prior criminal records. California doesn’t have a minimum education requirement, but you will be better off if you have a high school diploma or college degree.

You can enroll in a real estate school for your pre-licensing program if you meet all of the eligibility requirements. But one challenge that awaits at this stage is choosing the best school. Online schools are a suitable fit if you have a day job or cannot find to attend in-person classes. You can click over here if you prefer studying online over attending physical classes.

The Pre-Licensing Program

The program is a 135-hour course split into three parts. The first two sections, real estate principles and practices, are mandatory. Students must pick a third from two electives: real estate finance or legal aspects of real estate.

You will learn about the rules and regulations governing the federal and CA’s property market. You will also learn how to draft contracts and property appraisals. Under real estate finance, you will be taught about mortgage and loan plans to help you advise clients when they are buying homes.

Testing Your Knowledge

You must take the state exam upon finishing the program. Your school will issue you a completion certificate showing that you completed the program. Keep this certificate safe as you will require it during exam registration and license application.

There are many resources you can use to prepare for the exams. You can buy courses that include mock tests and quizzes to familiarize you with the main exam format. Also, download a copy of the Candidate Handbook to learn about exam regulations and question format.

The Last Steps

After completing the exam, you are closer to calling yourself a real estate salesperson. All that remains is submitting your application to the DRE. You must also get your fingerprints collected for a background check. You have to pay a one-time fee for both processes.

Also, take time and look for a sponsoring broker. They are professionals in the real estate market who will mentor you at the beginning of your career. Network with other industry experts and join professional bodies to build your career as a realtor in CA. 

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