5 reasons to install a home security system

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Perhaps the number one reason that comes to mind when you’re considering whether to install a smart home security system is that it will deter burglars. And statistics back that up.  Burglars typically want to enter a property, access the valuables, and exit in less than 10 minutes. They’re unlikely to be comfortable if they believe their movements are being watched and recorded.  So, they’ll move on to an easier target.

But beyond visible cameras and notices warning of an alarm system, what do today’s smart home security systems have to offer?  Let’s look at some more other reasons to install one.

Monitor your entrance

Smart doorbell cameras can not only record who’s at your front door or gate but also let you speak with them when you’re away.  They’re great for welcoming guests before you have time to reach the door, deterring unwanted visitors, and, increasingly, making package thieves think twice.  With a two-way talk facility, you’ll be able to have a few words with whoever appears at your door to ask them to state their business. The last thing a potential burglar wants is to know you can see them and have a conversation with you!

Control access when you’re away

Smart locks let you open your door for your cleaner, dog-walker or tradespeople, when you’re away from home, using a code that is sent to the device via your phone. No need to give multiple people the access code, and then have to keep changing it to remain secure. You can also lock the door from wherever you are when they leave, so no more worries about whether the door has been closed properly.

And, for those who get tired of opening the door to family members who’ve forgotten their key (or the code), the good news is that you’ll be able to do it without getting up from the sofa!

Monitor the interior of your home

A smart security system will allow you to monitor, remotely, any room in your home. Great for keeping a watchful eye on the nursery and kid’s rooms, as well as learning the truth about whether your dog sneaks onto your bed when you’re out. You’ll be able to communicate with babysitters or come to the aid of elderly parents when you see they’re in trouble.

Detecting unwarranted movements

Motion-sensitive spotlight cameras are an effective deterrent against night-time burglars, who may be startled and decide to move on to a home with fewer surprises. They can also discourage any unwanted wild animals who may inadvertently wander into your yard. 

Communicate with those in your home when you’re away

Smart systems can incorporate an intercom facility that you can use to listen as well as speak – no matter where you are and via your mobile.  You can use it to spook intruders, monitor tradespeople, or shock your pets if they raid your kitchen for snacks.


Smart devices are becoming increasingly common in today’s homes.  Not only for deterring home invaders, but a smart security system can also give you greater peace of mind and control over your home environment.

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