Do You Need a Home Security System? Risk Factors to Consider


More than 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. On average, this crime happens every 13 seconds. Renters and homeowners alike have to keep these numbers in mind when thinking of ways to protect their families, friends, and possessions. One potential deterrent to unlawful entries is a home security system. According to statistics, installing a security device can affect whether a burglary will be successful. 

Why People Opt for a Home Security System

A typical home security system consists of a door and window sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, an alarm, and a control panel. For the most part, the more home security devices fitted in your property, the lower the risk of a burglary. 

There are several reasons why people invest in these networks of integrated electronic devices. For one, a home security system provides another layer of protection. People want to have peace of mind that their family and property can stay secure from burglars or potential intruders. If you are at home, you can relax, as there are safeguards in place against theft and other threats. If you are on the road, you’re reassured because the alarm system will notify the authorities if something happens at home. 

Risk Factors to Consider

While many typical households may not think they need a dependable protection system, there are a few risk factors to consider. 

1) It Matters When You Leave the House Empty. You could leave your property open to attack if you have a routine that leaves your house unoccupied for long periods. Do the people in your neighborhood know when you have to travel and leave the house empty? With the Simplisafe home security system, you can drastically improve your residence’s safety while you are gone. 

2) It Matters Who You Are. High-profile personalities often mentioned in the media tend to be more vulnerable to crime than those who aren’t. Celebrities, high-level executives, and top government officials are generally vulnerable to break-ins. Besides, wealth can make you a target. Anyone who earns a high salary may be perceived as affluent. But it’s not just about wealth. If you work for businesses that generate controversy, you could also be more exposed to harassment and other forms of threats. 

3) It Matters What You Own. You could be low-key and even entirely anonymous to a burglar. But if he or she spots a luxury car in your driveway, you could instantly become a target. If your property looks extravagantly wealthy, you also could easily make an attractive target to thieves. If you own an expensive car, always park it in your garage or an area away from the view from the street. It would also be in your best interest to remove valuable possessions from plain sight. 

Treating Safety as a Lifestyle

While it’s impossible to guarantee that you will never fall victim to a break-in, there’s a lot that you can do now to keep your loved ones and property secure. Aside from installing a home security system, you should:

  • Avoid posting plans about an upcoming vacation and tagging your posts with your out-of-town location. 
  • Upgrade your locks and install lighting paths with motion sensors to your property’s entryways. 
  • Tend to your yard, so shrubs and trees don’t become perfect hiding spots. 
  • Look for security vulnerabilities around your house and get insurance to cover your valuables. 

Safety is a lifestyle, so be proactive. Instead of implementing precautionary measures as an afterthought or a response to something unfortunate that already happened, take these steps today to reduce your risk

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