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5 Major Certifications to Land Your Dream Data Science Job

Data science is widely recognized and characterized by its interdisciplinary nature. The primary focus of this discourse centers on adopting a scientific methodology to manage, process, and interpret extensive data demands effectively. Data science and analytics fields have garnered significant attention in contemporary discourse.

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for data scientists is more than $100,000. Getting one of the best data science certifications can be a very profitable career move. (Source:

Companies are more likely to invest in data scientists with many skills in data science because that shows they have much potential. Data scientists work on many important things, such as data preparation, data mining, machine learning, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, data visualization, etc.

Importance of Data Science Certification

Data science certifications are significant because they attest to your proficiency in the field and show that you possess important technical skills. Recruiters and hiring managers can tell that you are qualified and certified to practice as per professional standards if you have a certification.

Salary Expectations After Earning Data Science Certifications

If you possess a Data Science Certification, there are no bounds on how much you can earn. According to Glassdoor, jobs requiring a data science certification pay at least data science certification pay at least $78,000 annually. It’s always a good idea to look around when applying for new roles because some data scientists make as much as $121,000 a year (Source- Glassdoor). 

Working as a freelance Data Scientist can help you earn more money, but there are a lot of benefits and drawbacks to consider. Working abroad is another way to increase your income. 

Skills Required for a Data Scientist

    • Deep Learning
    • Mathematics
    • Processing large data sets
    • Statistics
    • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Wrangling
  • Big Data
  • Programming
  • Statistical analysis and computing

Top 5 Data Science Certifications

1. Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™) by USDSI®

The United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®) is the globally renowned provider of the best data science certifications for ambitious Data Science professionals’ roles.

CSDS™ is a self-paced data science certification to help you boost your Data Science Skills. Enrolling in this program, you will get a self-study kit worth up to US $725 for free. CSDS™ certification is exclusively awarded to the most accomplished certified data scientists worldwide, following a comprehensive and demanding evaluation process.

The curriculum of the program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry for the most accomplished Senior Data Scientists to analyze, make the right decisions at organizational levels, and be recognized, whether from a technical or even a marketing perspective. 

Under the SuperEd program, candidates from universities, colleges, and organizations in different countries that are recognized by USDSI® can get their CSDS™ certification easily and at a low cost.

  • Program Fees: US $885 – All Inclusive (You can pay in full or in installments as well)
  • Program Duration: 4-25 Weeks (8-10 Hours per Week)
  • Resources: Study Books, E-learning, Practice Codes, and much more
  • Total Modules: 10
  • Course Format: Self Placed

2. Data Science Professional Certificate by IBM

If you’re starting in the data science field and want to jump-start your career, the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is the perfect program. This certification demonstrates a candidate’s capacity to use data science methodologies and statistics to address real-world issues. Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Big Data are the primary focused subjects in this certification.

  • Program Fees: $180 per exam
  • Program Duration: Self Placed

3. Introduction to Data Science in Python By the University of Michigan

This course is designed to teach the basics of data science using the programming language Python. This course covers how to manipulate data, how machine learning works, how to analyze data, and how to program in Python. The self-paced course has programming tasks, video lectures, and quizzes.

  • Program Fees: $180 per exam
  • Program Duration: Self Placed

4. Certified Data Scientist by SAS

SAS® Data Scientists with certification SAS 9 is designed for users who can manipulate and learn from big data using a variety of SAS and open-source tools, make business recommendations using sophisticated machine learning models, and then use the adaptable, stable SAS environment to deploy models at scale.

  • Program Fees: $180 per exam
  • Program Duration: Self Placed

5. Professional Data Engineer by Google

The Google Certified Professional Data Engineer certification entails completing a comprehensive examination that assesses one’s knowledge in the field. The test will evaluate your comprehension of machine learning models within the context of GCP, encompassing aspects such as model design, operational considerations, and security measures.

  • Program Fees: $120 (40% discount on retail price of $200) (plus tax where applicable)
  • Program Duration: Two hours (50-60 multiple choice and multiple select questions)


Irrespective of their industry, data scientists must possess a foundational skill set and expertise. Proficiency in mathematics, data science, and data comprehension are essential components of hard skills.

If you want to improve your skills and learn more about data science, sign up for one of the top-rated courses listed above. Now is the beginning of your future in data science.

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