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Data science is a diversified interdisciplinary field of work that amalgamates an array of streams. This has been an exhilarating year for the data science industry so far. Scoop. quotes the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as the data science and analytics jobs are among the fastest-growing job roles; with a projected growth rate of 15% through 2029. This staggering growth rate is supported by astounding industry advancements and certified data science professionals. Leveraging high-end futuristic data science skills for business development is a success story, indeed.

Many of the top data science certifications are very accessible; whether you are at the start of your data science terrain, or are backed by a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or STEM subjects. Before you dive in, you need to understand what a data scientist’s responsibilities are when it comes to working with a business organization.

Typical Day of a Data Scientist at Work:

A data scientist’s day at work includes a variety of tasks that need his clear attention. A data science professional spends most of their time gathering data, looking at it, and shaping data. data-related tasks that a data scientist might tackle look like:

  • Pulling data 
  • Data merger
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualizations
  • Data research
  • Data patterns and trends deduction
  • Developing and testing new algorithms
  • Simplify data problems
  • Build data visualization
  • Report preparation
  • Share data results and insights
  • Collate proofs of concepts

Working with a vast amount of data means understanding the business goal. Data scientists must seek to determine the questions that need answers and then come forward with different approaches to try and solve the problem.

Top Data Science Skills to watch out for:

  • Data visualization
  • Cloud computing 
  • Deep learning 
  • Machine learning 
  • Data ethics
  • Programming and Big data
  • Probability density functions
  • Linear algebra
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Data wrangling
  • Critical thinking

Are data science certifications worth it?

Credible data science certifications are a must-have and the decision of specific decision depends on your career goals and current skillsets that you possess. The best data science courses are a mix of great data science skills and a diverse range of capabilities that will be developed over time. Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, python, and many other capabilities are strengthened at a trusted data science certification. Today, the most trusted credentials that are ranked highly among global industry recruiters; this lifetime digital badge sets you on a higher pedestal against your competitors. The above-listed skillsets are also included in the most comprehensive curriculum of these certifications. This instantly makes you a quick pick for your preferred data science job role. It also assists in earning a higher salary as it validates your capabilities at handling vicious data science problems.

Points to Remember:

Keeping in mind the following points shall help in selecting the best credential for your long-term data science career growth.

  • Cost of the program
  • Duration of the program 
  • Mode of delivery 
  • Prospects of the certification
  • Instructor’s credibility 
  • Program reviews

Top 3 Data Science Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in statistics and data analytics (UAE)

This undergraduate B.Sc. program in statistics and data analytics at UAEU introduces participants to concepts, methods, and tools for collecting, processing, and analyzing data. you shall be equipped with capabilities including model integration, computational skills, ethical awareness, conceptual application, and more.

  • Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™) (USA)

Offered by the pioneers in the data science credentialing industry- the United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®); you are in safe hands for thriving career progressions. This industry-leading credential is widely trusted by industry giants and offers you enough opportunity to excel in attaining data science skills for leadership roles. This anytime-anywhere program allows you enough room to master core capabilities from industry geniuses and global SMEs and land a job with a 40% higher salary expectation. Free e-learning study kits, HD videos, real-world use cases, speedster discounts, easy payments, and highly rewarding industry career progressions- are some of the many perks of the program. With a whopper membership with the internationally acclaimed Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)- you are set for an assured career with high acceptance rates worldwide. CSDS™ is sure to leverage staggering benefits for you in the long run. Explore this massive offering among the top-ranking data science certifications today!

  • Data science certificate program (Germany)

Delivered by the leading Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich; this program is offered by the faculty of mathematics, informatics, and statistics department. This courseware prepares you with interdisciplinary competence in research and industry. You can benefit from this university credential if looking for a growth pathway.

Exploring other industry options, you can review Google, IBM, SAS, and many other offerings on the block. You are sure to benefit from the above listed top 3 credentials reputed worldwide for greater career progressions ahead. Research well as this concerns your entire career trajectory that will define your life path as well. Enrol with the most trusted and acceptable name in the credentialing market.

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