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5 Leading Video Monetization Solutions for Publishers to Check Out

The modern advancements in AdTech have turned the world of video consumption and monetization upside down. Video players have traditionally functioned solely as hosts and streaming platforms for video content. But with the significant rise in programmatic video advertising, the era of restricted functionalities and outdated user interfaces has given way to a new reality for publishers.

Today, video players have taken on expanded roles, including managing the architecture and workflow of video ads and content; providing publishers with dashboards, analytics, and enhanced insights, and offering tools for video ad monetization from each video view.

The evolving landscape demands innovative strategies that harmonize with the preferences and behaviors of today’s viewers. And finding the right platform to partner with makes or breaks this endeavor.

Here are 5 of the leading video monetization solutions to check out this 2023:


The Truvid platform is designed to cater to the video monetization requirements of publishers. It provides users with immediate access to live videos and a video marketplace that improves precise audience targeting.

Truvid offers publishers a range of capabilities to enhance their online presence and revenue generation. Through Truvid, publishers can optimize the performance of their online inventory, effectively monetize their content right from the first impression, and provide captivating video experiences to their audience. Additionally, Truvid enables instant connectivity to its advertising marketplace, facilitating swift and seamless access to potential monetization opportunities. By utilizing Truvid, publishers can ensure the delivery of valuable content to precisely targeted audiences, thereby maximizing the impact and profitability of their online video endeavors.


Based in Los Angeles (USA) and Belgrade (SRB), BridTV empowers digital businesses with a video monetization solution that revolves around efficient content management and revenue generation. BridTV achieves this goal through its robust HTML5 player, specialized video platform, user-friendly content management system, and advanced AdTech capabilities. 

By harnessing these tools, BridTV empowers its publishers to enhance their audience reach, optimize engagement levels, and achieve substantial financial success. Notably, BridTV is dedicated to innovation, consistently harnessing cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with an exceptional user experience.


Brightcove empowers major media and fan brands to tailor their monetization approaches based on what works best for their audience and content. The strategic approach to media monetization requires consideration of audience dynamics and content characteristics. 

At Brightcove, a variety of monetization models are supported, encompassing AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and any possible combination. The comprehensive OTT solution provided by Brightcove eliminates the need to compromise between expeditious OTT experience deployment and meticulous setup. The streamlined development process and optimized application management facilitate the attainment of both objectives seamlessly.


Based in San Francisco (USA) and London (UK), Dacast offers an all-encompassing video streaming platform that facilitates the broadcasting of audiovisual content for businesses while providing viewers access to both free and paid programming.

Dacast streamlines the process of online video streaming by offering seamless broadcasting through an ad-free white-label system and effortless monetization via video ads, pay-per-view, and/or subscription models. Leveraging Dacast empowers online video publishers to effortlessly establish one or more revenue-generating channels, a process as simple as utilizing Google Adsense. Moreover, Dacast takes charge of safeguarding customers’ streams and transactions, accompanied by an in-depth analytics dashboard that enables users to enhance streaming scheduling and advertising earnings.


Primis operates as a global video discovery platform that enhances publishers’ revenue streams by aiding users in discovering high-quality video content. The company’s premium technology is harnessed by hundreds of digital publishers, empowering 450 million unique users with an engagement-centered video experience. This personalized approach recommends video content aligned with users’ preferences, while also automatically bypassing content that fails to elicit interaction.

Primis empowers publishers to effectively monetize their recently generated video inventory, leading to increased revenue opportunities. With each new opportunity, Primis plays a pivotal role in generating additional revenue

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