This Startup Is The Next big thing in AdTech

As a core pillar of today’s media landscape, AdTech is centered on enhancing the efficacy of advertising channels. By leveraging cutting-edge advertising technology, companies gather vast quantities of audience data and select their target audience with more precision. To promote their products or services, 86% of marketers utilize videos, as consumers would rather see brands use social media to share videos than any other kind of content.

Arising at the forefront of AdTech, Truvid Video Exchange is a platform developed with the specific requirements of the publisher’s video monetization demands. It provides its customers with access to live video, rapid connection, and a video marketplace that increases specialized audience targeting. 

Exploring the Features of Truvid

Truvid is a one-of-a-kind, technology-driven platform designed to provide publishers and end users more leverage by offering unparalleled video experiences. Hence, they have created a one-of-a-kind business model that paves the way for publishers, content owners, and advertisers to quickly connect to a live video ecosystem while simultaneously connecting to energize audiences worldwide. 

In this pursuit, Truvid Video Exchange makes it possible for publishers to watch, distribute, and monetize high-quality video experiences while simultaneously providing content owners with a dedicated and transparent distribution channel through which they can immediately begin to benefit. Another breakthrough innovation brought by Truvid is that it provides the whole technical funnel, starting with attractive video player formats and progressing all the way to content ownership, consumption data, and prospects for easy monetization. 

Since strong infrastructure connections and machine learning optimized for extensive data are required for ad serving capabilities, Truvid adheres to all essential industry standards, taking their cues from the IAB, MRC, and better-ad-most coalition’s recent recommendations.

Uncovering Truvid’s Media Paradigm

Truvid’s media verification method is a mix of patented technology and solutions at the forefront of their respective industries, which are then incorporated into a real-time airtight quality assurance outcome. They go over every impression and filter it so that only the highest quality human traffic is let through. In a similar vein, Content Owners may use a sophisticated management system that simplifies controls and automates both the uploading and administration procedures. 

Their exceptional stance as a publisher-first platform enables us to embed our video player directly on the site, so allowing us to provide human-only material that has been subjected to quality control checks. The patented, vertical solution that Truvid offers enable first-party, real-time data to be transformed into an adaptive advertising solution for our advertisers, allowing them to target the appropriate audience at the right time and in the proper environment.

Overall, the revolutionary protocols developed by Truvid simplify the process of creating video content, removing a barrier that is problematic for the vast majority of content producers and publishers. Truvid’s video technology comprises both professionally produced and virally spread video content. Additionally, it offers cutting-edge artificial intelligence-based video production that is intended to highlight the material on your website.

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