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5 Essential Work-from-Home Apps For Small Businesses

Thanks to the wealth of digital business solutions available, it is easier than ever for small businesses to digitally transform aspects of their work with work-from-home apps. The mess with the COVID-19 pandemic starting in 2020 has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses all around the world. With work-from-home culture becoming widespread, businesses have been reimagining the way their work, to great effect. In particular, small businesses have become more empowered to integrate new, digital technologies into their organisation. TechQuarters, a London-based IT support provider SMBs turned to in 2020 for help with remote solutions, spoke with us about this topic. They said that there are some fundamental apps and services that small businesses can use to make working from home optimised and get closer to becoming a digitalised organisation.

Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

Digital transformation – in other words, the process of reimagining foundational business processes and practices through the integration of modern, digital solutions – has been a popular goal for many businesses for many years now. However, many small businesses have felt that it is too daunting a prospect. As organisations with limited resources, it may not be for them. But then the pandemic happened, and many small businesses saw that digital business solutions could work very well for them. According to TechQuarters, which is an IT Support Company London businesses love working with, implementing certain modern digital business solutions that empower working from home can be a great first step in the journey to digital transformation. Below are five work-from-home solutions that will help any and all small businesses…

Collaboration platforms

The diverse skills and experiences of individual team members are best utilized synergistically, meaning teams who work well together can achieve so much more. This is why collaboration platforms have become such a popular and valuable business solution in recent years. The collaboration platform that many businesses use, according to TechQuarters, is Microsoft Teams. Solutions that give teams a platform to have conversations, share work and ideas, and easily communicate in a number of ways can make a world of difference.

Video conferencing apps

One benefit that small businesses have over their larger competitors is the sense of community. In smaller organisations, this is typically much stronger. This can be maintained in remote settings through the use of video conferencing apps. The most effective business communication is multi-faceted. One cannot convey or interpret the full range of meaning of an idea just through text, or audio. This is why multimedia communications such as video meetings, presentations, etc, offer so much more meaning in a remote working context. They are essential apps for small businesses looking to enable remote communication.

File sharing solutions

In digitally transformed businesses, the management of files is usually very well structured. With businesses where employees work from home, effective file sharing is essential. Collaboration in any business cannot happen without secure, flexible file sharing. According to TechQuarters, cloud storage is arguably the best form of file sharing and file management for small businesses. This means that users can access files from anywhere with an internet connection and it also makes version control easier.

Project Management Software

One of the top ways that digital technology has helped businesses is with project management software. These solutions have made it so much easier for businesses, departments, and teams to organise themselves. As well as track progress, and achieve goals in the most efficient way possible. For small businesses that want to enable working from home, these types of solutions are essential. They can help by offering visibility into projects, and making smarter decisions (thanks to the collection and analysis of data). This also makes it easier to track the progress of a project according to pre-agreed timeframes and milestones. All of which can be managed within the software.

Summing up

Due to the vast range of digital business solutions, it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to transform themselves into an online presence. Hopefully, this article has provided you with more insight into the different types of apps for small businesses that can make this transformation easier.


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