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5 Email Marketing Trends On The Rise During COVID-19

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There are several email marketing trends on the rise during COVID-19. With widespread stay-at-home orders and an economic downturn, consumer behavior is changing. For example, subscriptions and email signups have significantly increased. In addition, March and April open rates increased by nearly 20% compared to last year. Of course, email communication strategies need to adapt to these new behaviors. As a marketing manager, you need to know which trends to follow through the pandemic. This way, you can adapt your email marketing campaign to reach your target audience more effectively. Read on to discover several email marketing trends on the rise during COVID-19.  

Pandemic Response Content

Pandemic response content is a major trend on the rise through COVID-19. Indeed, customers are interested in how companies and brands are changing during the pandemic. Sending a short email on how your company’s business model has changed its operations is key to sustaining your customer base. For instance, your business may now offer remote consultations or a delivery service. The only way for your customers to utilize these services is if they know about them and understand how they work. Whether you’ve made digital accommodations or reduced a store’s capacity, effective communication is essential. For this reason, pandemic response content is trending across industries’ email marketing campaigns.

Custom Personalization

In addition, personalization is another email marketing trend increasing through COVID-19. By adding  personal touch to your emails, you can speak more directly to what your customers are going through. According to marketing experts, you should craft a headline and body message relevant to a specific person. In addition, you should also address what they might be going through during the crisis. To do this, segment your email list in to different niches. Be sure to address your recipients by name as well as company or title where applicable. Certainly, customization allows you to establish a connection with your customers. To begin personalizing your email content, it will be great to know your customer beforehand. Thus, it makes sense that these personal touches are rising through the pandemic.

Email Signatures

Next, email signatures are another digital marketing campaign pushing on through COVID-19. An email signature can convey key visual information to your customers. For instance, you might display a banner communicating what your company is doing to help customers through the crisis. You can also display a business profile picture to increase your personalization. Or, you can include your latest product, service or accomplishment during this period. To set up an auto signature, follow a guide for adding a signature in Gmail in under 1 minute. Using these steps, you can set up your signature and solidify your messaging strategy. With such a simple yet effective process, it makes sense that email signatures are rising through the pandemic.

Message Conciseness

Moreover, conciseness is another email marketing trend essential for successful advertising through the coronavirus crisis. In special promotional messages, a compelling subject may spark curiosity and increase your open rates. However, for COVID-19, you should provide clear brief messages. In addition, keep the body of your email concise. Likely, your customers are busy. If you want them to read through your entire message, it should be to the point. To get the point across quickly, highlight the important parts of your message. This makes your email easier to read for the quick-viewing consumer. Undoubtedly, concise messaging can help you deliver a superior customer experience for all your recipients.  

Invoke Empathy

Furthermore, empathy is another crucial email marketing trend to take note of during COVID-19. When statistics and analytics are at the forefront of your marketing decisions, it’s easy to forget the human end of your email conversation. According to marketing experts, the human component of digital interaction cannot be overlooked during the pandemic. With consumers in heightened states of stress and sensitivity, you need to market with empathy. This may involve identifying your audience’s situation and mirroring their emotions. You might even ask them to fill out a survey on how you can better meet their needs. During this global crisis, many businesses are seeing how empathy is critical in their email advertising campaign.

There are several email marketing trends on the rise through COVID-19. First, many businesses are including pandemic response content to communicate how their services are adapting. In addition, COVID-19 messages are more personalized to establish a strong business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship. Next, many companies are also using email signatures to show how they’re helping during the pandemic. Moreover, conciseness is another trend to be mindful of during the pandemic. Furthermore, empathy is crucial for your marketing campaign. Follow these email marketing trends on the rise during COVID-19.

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