5 Best Tools That Every Business Analyst Should Know About

The work of a business analyst encompasses several competencies at once, including requirements management, creating tables and charts, and project management. Each of these directions requires an individual approach and the use of different tools. That is why, when considering business analyst remote jobs, as well as other job offers in the field, it is worth preparing in advance and mastering several of them. In the prepared material, we talk about the best options that ensure the effective work of a business analyst.


This tool is a great solution for remote employees who want to structure their work tasks and create an action plan. In the program, you can add tasks by section and move them from one to another as they are completed. In this way, you can see progress and determine which tasks still need to be completed. Using the program, you are unlikely to forget about any of the projects.

Microsoft Visio

The program is a valuable all-in-one tool that helps you create quality charts. Its main advantages, according to users, are convenient functionality and stability. Among the main options, you can highlight cross-browser compatibility, the possibility of joint commenting and editing in real time, dozens of options for schemes and universal templates, as well as support for panning.


Most experienced business analysts also recommend Nifty. The tool is suitable for the full cycle of managing work projects (from the moment of launch to completion), as well as for managing individual processes. The program has several important characteristics:

  • Tracking the duration of tasks in real-time
  • In-depth review of projects
  • Intuitive dashboard

Thanks to this, the tool provides the ability to carefully monitor the progress and control each stage.

The Full Suite of Microsoft Office Programs

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, having a solid set of tools at your disposal is essential. And when it comes to carrying out everyday activities, Microsoft Office is the name that comes to mind. This suite of programs offers a comprehensive range of applications, including spreadsheets, word processors, email clients, and presentation builders. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or just starting out in the industry, Microsoft Office is a must-have tool that will enable you to streamline your daily tasks and boost your productivity. With so many intuitive features and functions, it’s no wonder why this suite of programs remains the gold standard for businesses around the world.

Modern Requirements

It is one of the most powerful tools for requirements management. It helps business analysts define them for a specific project and provides the ability to use visual guides and text descriptions in the process. Key features include the ability to work with visualizations, approval using an electronic signature, and the creation of individual documentation.

Final Thought

Experience and acquired skills are extremely important for every business analyst. However, to build effective work, it is also important to find effective tools that ensure fast and high-quality performance of tasks. This can be Microsoft Visio, Trello, and other applications listed above.


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