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5 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator

When it comes to growth on social media platforms it comes down to two things – you have to keep the followers you already have without losing them and you have to gain more followers with your posts. If you are able to consistently do those two things you will grow on any social media platform. 

Today, we will focus on the latter of the two i.e. to attract new viewers to your Instagram videos and get wider reach. The best way to do this on Instagram is to use relevant and optimal hashtags. The following tools are powerful hashtag generators that can suggest hashtags to use for your posts. 


The first hashtag generator we will web taking a look at is AllHashtag. It is a popular tool that a lot many users use to generate hashtags they can use for their Instagram posts. If you are having confusion about which hashtags to use then this tool can greatly help. If you have researched your business and brand well and you know certain keywords which are the best for your brand then you can use that in this tool. AllHashtag will provide you with the top 30+ hashtags for the one keyword that you have selected. 

The company claims that it is always up to date with the millions of the latest hashtags that are floating around each day. It pulls real-time data to give you better results. To be able to find the right hashtag for your post the company provides customers with three filters. You can choose to generate the top 30 hashtags for a keyword selection or go for the random hashtag generator which will generate hashtags based on your keyword. 

They have other features like the live hashtag which contains hashtags used by different users who used your selected keyword in their posts. You can also go for a similar hashtag feature which will show hashtags based on your keyword. You can choose the ones you prefer to generate new hashtags.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub is a website that provides various relevant posts for online growth. It has nice articles about social media marketing and promotion. This brand also has tools that people can use to supplement their social media marketing. One of their tools is the Instagram Hashtag Generator. It is very easy to use and the results are good. You will end up with a good amount of hashtags for your post. Now, from the first entry, we can understand that hashtags should be relevant to a keyword. But you may not have found the right one for your post yet. This tool helps you with that as well. 

Here, you can upload the image file that you want to post on Instagram. The tool will then show you how your post would look on Instagram with 10 potential hashtags. It also suggests 20 keywords for your post. The tool also provides customers with a guide suggesting the popularity of each keyword. This can help you make a better judgement. Now, that you have selected relevant keywords you can generate hashtags based on these keywords. The tool will suggest 5 hashtags per keyword. 

Now, if you already have the keywords researched before using the tool then you can directly provide these keywords separated by a comma to the generator and get relevant hashtags for your post. These hashtags can help you get more engagement


Hashtags have become quite popular in the social media circuit. It is not limited to just one platform anymore. You can use hashtags to get more engagement on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. This means your brand can really benefit from the use of hashtags. is a website that has services and tools to help people with digital marketing and online promotion. One of the tools that it provides is the hashtag generator. When you use the services of this company you get the power of the AI-based Searcher that the company uses to provide you with hashtag suggestions. You can generate hashtags on this tool via three methods. You can directly upload the photo that you are looking to post or provide the link or provide the actual keywords. So, yes you get quite a lot of flexibility when it comes to the input to the generator. It covers most of the use cases.

The tool is very adept at providing relevant hashtag suggestions pretty quickly. AI-based technology does help and isn’t only a gimmick. If you already have researched keywords for which you want to generate hashtags then you can put a max of 5 keywords at a time for the generation process. The tool is very easy to use and can give you good suggestions. The price of using the tool is $22 per month for each account. 


The next hashtag generator on our list is HashtagsForLikes. It is a hashtag generator that provides instant hashtag suggestions. The company reiterates the fact that using hashtags optimally can help increase your reach. 

The company also provides services for overall Instagram growth. Now, there are different kinds of services to help with Instagram marketing. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers then remember that most of those followers will not engage with your account. They may help improve the aesthetics of your account but may not be helpful for long-term growth. 

HashtagsForLikes suggests using its services to grow on Instagram. The tool that this company provides has built-in analytic features which help in providing hashtags targeting the right users, influencers and competitors. These hashtags will get you much better exposure. You also get to track and measure your growth. The pricing for this tool starts at $59 per month. If you want to try a weekly plan then the basic plan is $19 per week. Head on to for more details.


The last hashtag generator tool that we will include in the list is Ritetag. It is another popular generator that a lot of users use to find out decent hashtags to increase the visibility of their posts. Ritetag can be used via apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple store. It also has a browser extension that can provide hashtag suggestions for texts and images on the websites that you are browsing. 

For this, you just have to right-click on any image you like and then choose the get hashtag suggestions option. It also provides details about the hashtag stats. This is cheaper than the last generator as it costs $49 per month. But if you are sceptical about paying for the service you can check out the free trial that the company provides. 

Though this is not an exhaustive list these are some of the best hashtag generators that you can find online. Try to use the free trials provided by the company. You can also reach out to them if you have more queries as most of the companies have 24/7 customer service.

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