5 Best Android Games Consoles to Buy Now

Taking a break from a scheduled busy routine is everyone’s right to refresh their minds and souls. But everyone cannot afford to have long vocational breaks frequently. For this, gaming can provide a suitable and interesting way of kicking the boredom out of your life.

The audience of gaming is quite versatile. Some people play games casually in their free time, some play for entertainment, while others take it as a profession. Passionate gamers love to explore new things like the android game console and updates regarding the gaming world. It helps them in getting more pleasure and technical support while gaming. 

Gaming devices and tools enhance the fun and pleasure while playing. True gamers love to have advanced and trendy setups for creating an exciting gaming environment. They do not even care about the pricing, rather want to have an incredible experience. 

Things to Consider While Picking the Best Android Gaming Consoles

Android has always been cooperative for gamers in various aspects. For instance, it offers different devices which support high-graphic gameplay. If you are a gamer, then you should keep yourself updated with trendy technological information through tech blogs of reliable websites like TechyWired.  

Selecting the best android gaming console is a tough and challenging task. If you have selected the wrong gaming console, then it will definitely waste your money and ruin the gaming experience. Following are the few important considerations that you need to keep in mind while selecting the gaming console:

Game Type or Category 

Then, you must analyze the games category for which an android game console is required. Different consoles have different specifications that can fit best for certain games. 


The cost of the gaming console is one of the prominent factors. Gamers want to have the latest gaming devices but at economical prices. So they can easily get android gaming consoles as these are pocket friendly. 


Check for the specifications to enjoy android games with the best graphics. If the game console has some lagging specifications like an underpowered CPU, then skip the console from the preference list. following are the important specifications or features to consider:

  • The display should be user-friendly helping in better usage.
  • For playing games, the console must have good RAM and storage space for avoiding interruptions and quality dropdowns. The good storage space helps in downloading the advanced games efficiently and operating with ease. 
  • A game console that offers third-party games and built-in games is more suitable. 
  • Long battery time is another significant feature. The higher the battery time, the longer will be the time you can play games. 
  • The connections should be appropriate like dock and tether connections. 
  • The brand of the android game console should be reliable and reputed to avoid any fraud. Further, it assures repairing and problem-solving. 
  • The size of the gaming console is very critical. It should be small enough that it can assist in portability, while on the other hand, long enough can be gripped well while playing. 
  • Along with the visuals, the audio must be loud and uninterrupted to enhance the gaming feel. 

PC vs. Console: What’s the Difference?

Gamers often have to make many difficult decisions. One such decision is either to stay on the PC games or shift to the console. utilizing new ways and trends has always been so exciting and enjoyable, thus gamers keep in search of the updated stuff. The gaming console expands the experience and fun for them. It can be identified through a large number of gaming console purchases and gamer reviews. We provide you with the major benefits that gaming consoles have over PC gaming. 

The gaming consoles do not require upgrading the hardware as the PC does. Consoles enhance gaming fun and are easy to use along with an economical range of prices. Many games are only console exclusive, so these will be inaccessible to PC gamers. The game playing through consoles provides more physical activity which feels like a player’s engagement. 

List of Five  Best Android Games-Consoles

Now coming to the main topic! Here is the list of five top-rated android gaming consoles which can help you in making decision faster:

NVIDIA Shield 

This android game console has wonderful specifications making it one of the highly reviewed consoles.

  • 5 inches display size
  • Allows streaming for android games, PC games, Netflix
  • Ultra HD quality 
  • Supports 4k picture quality 
  • Economical price 
  • High-level precision control 

Mad Catz Android Gaming console

It is an android game console that amazingly supports multiple media files and a huge number of games. It is known for its versatility in gaming and media consoles. It offers the following specifications 

  • Ultra HD quality 
  • Ready to root the android console
  • Micro SD card slot 
  • 16 GB storage on the SD card
  • Supports 4k resolution picture quality
  • Regular update is required for having the advanced features
  • Allows web surfing, listening to music, and video streaming

MOJO Micro Console

This remarkable android gaming console is developed by Mad Catz having the following prominent features:

  • Comfortable in usage 
  • Handy device 
  • Can be operated as a TV box as well 
  • Allows converting LED TV to Smart TV
  • Acts as an open platform to provide easy access
    inspired by XBOX 360 one 
  • No need of purchasing games
  • Games of other devices can be operated by it
  • Games from the Google Play app store and NVIDIA TegraZone are accessible 

Snapdragon G3x

It is a unique handheld gaming device that boosts the gaming experience and thus provides much fun while playing. Its features uplift the gaming fun to the next level:

  • Native display output
  • 1080p webcam with two microphones – assist in quality streaming 
  • Wireless audio system 
  • Lag-free and smooth audio 
  • Video and cloud gaming library streaming 
  • Outclass sound quality 
  • 6.65 inches OLED display 
  • Full HD 
  • AR or VR viewer connection via USB-C
  • 5G-enabled connectivity
  • GPU driver
  • Run android games smoothly
  • Active cooling operating system with 120 Hz

Fire TV Game Console 

This Android gaming console is available on Amazon and is thus termed a product of Amazon. The Fire TV Gaming edition provides multiple elite specifications and features making it demanding. Below is a quick list of the Fire TV game console’s features:

  • Slim and sleek design 
  • Contains multiple components: a 32GB micro SD card, a game controller, and two free games. 
  • Provides a handy and comfortable feel while holding the device 
  • Inspired by XBOX 360 
  • Also suits the HDTV
  • Economical price 
  • Provides HD-quality content 
  • Easy game console setup facilitating the usage 
  • Helps make the TV area clutter-free 
  • More than 1200 games can be accessible


You can have a number of android game consoles in the market, but finding one of them that suits you is critical. As it directly affects your gaming quality and fun, it should be done carefully. The selection criteria for gaming consoles majorly require cost and specification analyses. Such technicalities, if analyzed earlier, then can help in getting the best out of the gaming consoles and avoid losses.

In the article, a few of the amazingly reviewed top-rated android gaming consoles are mentioned with specifications that can help you in making clear decisions with ease. We hope that now you have acknowledged the way of picking a gaming console and got the right list for selection.  


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