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4 Ways Accounting Firms Are Streaminling Their Business Operations 


Admin is crucial to the success of any business and must be completed with 100% accuracy. However, it can often be difficult for businesses to find the time to ensure admin tasks are completed correctly. In fact, many accounting firms leave their admin to the last minute, or they find themselves having to complete such time-consuming tasks at the weekend.

Thankfully, there are several ways businesses can reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks. Streamlining admin allows businesses to save time and money without worrying about affecting customer experience or service. But how do you streamline admin in an accounting firm? Here is a list of some simple ways businesses can streamline admin tasks whilst boosting productivity at the same time:

1. Delegate tasks to others

In a business, there are usually several responsibilities that might be overwhelming at times, but that is why you have employees. You do not have to complete every task yourself, instead, you can delegate less important tasks to your employees. 

When delegating, employers need to be clear with their vision and expectations for the tasks at hand. This means that business leaders will need to be able to communicate effectively with their employees

Delegation can be hard for business owners and managers, but it is essential for productivity. As a business leader, you cannot possibly complete every single task on your own. Instead, you will need to lean on your employees and have confidence in them to complete the job to the best of their ability. As a result, you will find that your business can accomplish a lot more.

2. Using accounting software

Sometimes it may feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to complete and manage all the admin tasks in your accounting firm. If you are struggling to organize the admin tasks in your firm, then now might be the time to install some bespoke software to help you.

The award-winning accountants software from BTC software can transform your business. Not only can this software be used by accounting professionals to ensure that tax compliance and accounts production runs seamlessly in their business, but it can also be used to support clients efficiently and profitably too. 

3. Data mining 

We live in a world of big data. Businesses are devoting more time to analyzing data than ever before. Although data mining is unique for every business, it can help businesses understand what time is being wasted and where it is being lost. Once you have a better understanding of where time is lost, you can start implementing time-saving changes. 

4. Reducing the number of meetings

While it is important to hold regular meetings with your employees to discuss problems or other issues within the business, it is also important not to hold too many meetings. Holding unnecessary meetings is not only a waste of your employee’s time, but it is a waste of money too. 

If you do need to hold a meeting with your employees, then do so strategically. Consider which of your employees you are going to invite to the meeting and which ones do not need to attend. These employees can continue completing other important tasks in the business. This will allow your business to be more productive and will save time in the process too. 

Being proactive is key

All too often in accounting firms, we see accounting professionals being bogged down by administrative tasks. In fact, a recent study of 3,000 businesses claimed that small and medium-sized businesses spend an average of 120 days a year on administrative tasks. However, with a few alterations, it is possible to streamline admin in your accounting firm and create efficient systems. 

These efficiencies will enhance the day-to-day operations of the business to benefit both your employees and your customers. If you want to streamline admin in your firm, then try some of our tips above. 

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