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Chartered Accountant Shoaib Aslam Implements his Passion for Technology in PearlAccountants

Shoaib Aslam

Shoaib Aslam is an ICAEW registered Chartered Accountant, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of PearlAccountants. He has started and managed many businesses in his life and will share with us how he implements his passion for technology in business to streamline its workflows. 

What is PearlAccountants?

We are an award-winning accountancy firm in London. We utilize tech in every aspect of our company to streamline workflows, ensure customer satisfaction, and to keep our fingers on the pulse of the very many clients we have to do accounts for on a regular basis. 

Pearl Accountants

What are the Major Features and Services you provide at PearlAccountants?

We love technology so we aid our clients with all aspects of productivity and efficiency using cutting edge tools whether this is for accounting or e-commerce or whether the main decision-makers wish to see all live data in one dashboard, we make it possible. With former Finance Directors of FTSE100 companies working for us, our virtual Finance Director services truly stand out and help our clients grow their businesses, so they have the highest chances of succeeding. 

Who are your services for and who are your major clients, Could you give us a walkthrough of how your services work at PearlAccountants?

We cater to everyone from sole proprietors to high-end medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on specific names, although there are some testimonials on our website

People sign up for our services via our website, where they can choose any of several packages. We then take them through a smooth onboarding process where we connect them to a dedicated account specialist who assists them in every minute detail of getting their account set up with us. 

Could you tell us more about your Specialist bookkeeping and Accounting Software, how does it work?

We have implemented highly sophisticated automation in our business to ensure accounts get done on time and professionally. We use multiple tools and software which interlock and work together to deliver a smooth experience in bookkeeping and accounting for our clients. Unlike many other accountancy firms, we do all our clients’ bookkeeping for them

What are your prices and cost of services like at PearlAccountants?

Our prices are as low as £29 per month for small startups to much higher than that for large businesses. There are several business packages available, and business professionals can compare the prices here

Where can we find PearlAccountants, tell us more about your office, your team, and customer support?

We are based in London and our team is diverse and ebullient — more of a family, really. We work exceptionally well together, and there is a high spirit of camaraderie in the office every month. I’m happy to say we weathered the COVID-19 storm successfully as a result of good teamwork and remote-working tools already in place before COVID hit. 

Tell us more about your additional services like Tax and immigration services, what makes PearlAccountants special?

We offer a plethora of services to assist businesses in every need. We believe an accounting firm should take an active interest in a company’s profitability, and that includes consulting on day-to-day affairs as well as advanced subjects such as Tax and Immigration, whenever possible. 

How Safe is PearlAccountants, tell us about your legal and security measures to protect clients’ data?

All accounts are started up with a contract that is fair to both parties and no ambiguous “fine print” involved. As for client data-security, we take this very seriously and have ensured that all necessary digital data-security measures have been put in place for each client’s account.

Do you have more information for our readers today?

As you may have gathered, our services are extensive. Our website is the best place for people to find detailed information on all that we offer, and we would be happy to chat personally or schedule a meeting to answer any further questions. 

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