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4 tips to clean your precious electronic devices

4 tips to clean your precious electronic devices

In this digital era, electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, and gaming consoles have become inseparable from daily lives. Especially for smartphones, it’s hard for people nowadays to not use this kind of device in their daily lives. Due to how important those electronic devices are, they have to be treated with care. To achieve that, you have to know how to clean them with proper cleaning solutions such as the ones from HG. The following are 5 tips to clean your precious electronic devices that can help you treat them properly.

Turn off and unplug

The first tip you have to follow when cleaning your electronic devices is to turn them off and unplug any connected power chords. This is intended to avoid electrical shock and short circuits that may happen due to the cleaning process. As for mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops, you only have to turn them off. And if they’re being charged, you have to also remove the charger cables before starting the cleaning process.

Use the right cleaning tools

Next, you have to use the right cleaning tools when you’re going to clean your electronic devices. In this case, a microfiber cloth can be your best friend due to the many sensitive parts that your electronic devices have. The cloth should be more than enough to clean any dust, smudge, and fingerprint from screens and any surfaces of your electronic devices. It’s recommended to avoid using abrasive materials such as paper towels and tissue because they can leave scratches on those surfaces. Also, if you need a cleaning solution to clean persistent smudges, you have to make sure that the solution is the one specially made for cleaning electronic devices.

Focus on high-touch areas

Another tip you can use when cleaning your electronic devices is to focus on high-touch areas. This is because those areas tend to accumulate dirt and bacteria more often than other areas. So, you have to focus on your smartphone display, your laptop keyboard, your television buttons, and so on when cleaning your electronic devices. In addition, you also have to focus on ports that your electronic devices have such as the charging port of your smartphone. It’s because those ports are the best places for dirt to accumulate. And when the dirt has accumulated there, those ports may not function as they should anymore.

Allow sufficient drying time

The last tip you can use when cleaning your electronic devices is to allow sufficient drying time afterward. Since water and other kinds of liquids can be harmful to your electronic devices, you have to wait until they’re completely dry before turning them on. Besides, you also have to avoid using hairdryers or placing them in direct sunlight to speed up the drying process. It’s because excessive heat can also be harmful to your electronic devices.

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