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4 Reasons Why Coworking in Cyprus Will Be Big in 2023 and Beyond

coworking in cyprus

Undoubtedly, Cyprus has become a destination for foreign students and ex-pats lately. In addition, Cyprus’s economy is steadily growing, and more people are working online these days. AsideAside from these factors that seem to influence the coworking space, the advantage of a decent coworking space is enormous. According to recent records, there are so many freelancers in Cyprus. Besides the working environment, Cyprus offers amazing working conditions.

Furthermore, it is estimated that more people will opt for coworking spaces because they are affordable and most staff work from home. After COVID, Cypriots became interested in coworking. Meanwhile, let’s check out some of the reasons; coworking will be bigger in Soho Cyprus in the coming years.

Cost efficiency

Organizations and businessmen are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase sales regularly. One of the best ways to increase profit is to join a coworking experience. Most businesses in Cyprus have adopted co-working because the cost has drastically gone. Don’t forget, the business or coworking partners share the responsibility and cost of running their offices. With small businesses and freelancers increasingly growing in Cyprus, coworking spaces will be very beneficial to their success.


Other pros o coworking space are that it encourages collaboration between businesses. For instance, collaborating with a business that offers services that will boost yours will be helpful. Partnering with a delivery service in a coworking space will be helpful if you are a drop shipper. In other words, you don’t need to call delivery services from another building to carry out the services. As a tip, you could also ensure that those you were working with have businesses that will blend with yours.

Sense of community and belonging

Becoming part of a coworking environment creates a sense of belonging and makes you feel you are part of a community. Furthermore, it makes you feel your business is supported. Also, it is more interesting when your coworking space is shared with people of like minds. In a way, working in a coworking space makes going to the office enjoyable.


Another advantage of a coworking space is flexibility. You don’t have to rent for the long-term when you are not sure of your business prospects. Coworking space can be rented for the short term too. That way, as the business grows, you can extend your tenancy.

Creating a network

If your business is small, a coworking space will suit you because it helps you create a huge network. Without a good network, your business will not grow. If you work with like minds, your coworkers will not hesitate to recommend your business to new clients. Therefore, most small businesses in Cyprus opt for coworking spaces because of this.


A coworking space is a great idea for small-scale businesses because it gives them room to expand and make more profit. Meanwhile, the coworking environment must be decent and conducive for your business to strive in Cyprus. Reach out to Soho Cyprus to get a good coworking space.

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