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4 Monumental Shifts in Customer Expectations, and the Company Ready to Take Them On


With the technology and resources that are available to the masses today, engineering teams of all sizes now have the ability to copycat products and services in a matter of weeks—as opposed to the process taking years to ideate and develop products in years past. What does this mean for businesses? In today’s marketplace, there are a limited number of ways to differentiate yourself from competitors. Functionality can easily be copied, and features can quickly be enhanced.

So, how do you set your company apart? One way is, of course, unique branding and messaging. A company with a firm mission statement  and rock-solid positioning will be more likely to outperform one without it. Another powerful way is by providing an incredible customer experience. The large amount of competitors in nearly every niche nowadays has paved the way for providing prospective and paying customers with reliable, top-tier service as a huge advantage.

Numbers back this up as well. In fact, the Harvard Business Review found that 84% of customers reported their expectations were not exceeded in their last customer service experience. That being said, the expectations of the modern-day consumer differ greatly from those of previous generations—thanks in large part to technology essentially spoiling consumers. Companies that meet or exceed these expectations will be in a terrific position to ultimately “win” in their respective industry.

Here are four recent, monumental shifts when it comes to consumer expectations that, if met, will help your company retain existing customers for longer and help you close more deals with potential customers—along with one platform that will help get you there.

#1. Personalized experiences.

One thing that consumers have come to expect from brands is personalized experiences. Software has enabled brands to know people’s interests, name, location, income and other information that can help increase the likelihood they’ll convert into a customer. A recent industry study even found that customers are 2.1X more likely to respond to personalized offers than impersonal ones.

Personalized experiences go beyond digital marketing though. They’re also an extremely important aspect of great customer service. With McKinsey finding that 70% of the outcome of a customer journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated, the importance of high-quality customer service is clear. By learning the quirks and preferences of your customers, your customer service reps will be able to provide them with a stellar experience tailored to their liking.

#2. Instant feedback and support.

In the world of chatbots and 24/7 support we live in, it’s no wonder why customers expect a timely response from companies. According to a recent survey, 90% of consumers consider an “immediate” response (defined as under 10 minutes) as important when they have a customer service question. Whether you choose to outsource your customer support to a third party vendor, integrate AI-powered chatbots into your customer service department, use auto-replies during company off-hours, invest in software platforms or something else entirely, the important thing is managing expectations and giving thorough responses. Be sure your customers know how to contact support and what to expect when it comes to response rate—transparency and honesty is key here. Only promise what you can deliver.

Don’t feel like providing instantaneous support? You can also choose to create a helpful, highly detailed FAQ and support page on your website that customers can reference when they have questions or issues.

#3. Meeting customers where they’re at.

Ameyo also found that 57% of customers would rather communicate with companies through a digital media channel like email or social media rather than use voice-based customer support. While this is a sizable percentage, it certainly isn’t large enough to neglect voice-based altogether. This makes it clear that modern-day consumers expect brands to meet them where they’re at. Whether they choose to dial in to their customer service department or reach out to them via Facebook Messenger, customers prefer companies that take an omnichannel approach in their customer service departments.

If your business wants to thrive in today’s fast-paced marketplace, you will need the software to help streamline customer service on a variety of different channels. If not, you run the risk of leaving potential customers and current patrons disgruntled and unsatisfied.

#4. Innovative.

Lastly, customers now expect businesses to be innovative. Consumers tend to flock toward brands making cutting-edge products and constantly iterating on their current offerings. When polled, one report found that 63% of customers expect companies to provide new products and services more frequently than ever before. To thrive in today’s ecosystem, businesses must be agile enough to develop new features on tight timelines. Businesses must be flexible enough to notice a way to enhance their product suite, and swiftly act on it, or suffer the consequences of being stagnant.

The Software to Equip You For The Job

While there is no surefire strategy to keep your business leading the pack in your industry, there are proven tools and tactics you can invest in to make the journey a whole lot easier. One of those strategies is leveraging low-code development platforms. By doing so, you’ll be able to create custom business solutions perfectly fitted to your unique challenges without taking away bandwidth from your engineering department. You’ll also be able to give your customers the personalized experience they crave, making them feel as if they were your only customer.

One platform that can equip your company for the present and the future is Creatio (formerly known as bpm’online). Creatio is an industry-leading company that provides its users with low-code, process automation and CRM software solutions that are completely customizable and user-friendly. With an impressive client list ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s most well-known brands, along with years of experience in the industry, Creatio uses its proven product suite to help businesses automate mundane processes, improve customer retention and boost their bottom line.

Whether you need to automate marketing, sales or service, or polish up any customer-facing processes in your organization—Creatio can help your company roll it out in minutes. With a team of 600 employees, recognition from industry savants like Gartner, and a culture of fearless adaptability, Creatio can take your customer experience from acceptable to extraordinary.  

How to Get Involved

When it comes to the marketplace and the consumers who make it up, one thing that won’t ever change is change itself. By choosing Creatio, you’ll have access to the tools you need to exceed all customer expectations they now demand from brands. To see if Creatio is a good fit for your business, or just to learn more, visit their website at

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