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4 Factors That Will Reduce How Successful Your New Franchise Is

How Successful Your New Franchise Is

Is success guaranteed when you have a franchise? There are myths surrounding the opening of a franchise. Sure, they are a more secure business venture than going it alone so to speak; but it isn’t always guaranteed to be a runaway success. Although that’s not to say it won’t be, some factors will affect just how successful you are.

How Many Franchises Operate In America?

  • In the United States, there are more than 750,000 franchise businesses to choose from.
  • Franchise firms employ around 8.4 million people.
  • According to Statista, the economic output of franchises in the United States reached about $800 billion in 2019.

What Can Affect How Successful Your Franchise Is?


The burden of duty that falls on the shoulders of a business owner is enormous. Often, this entails working long hours. You’ll have to keep track of your staff, your inventory levels, your income and expenses, your salary, and a whole host of other things.

Inexperienced franchisees frequently lack the knowledge and abilities necessary to carry out their responsibilities as business management effectively. However, assistance is accessible.

Preparing for a franchise investment should begin with an understanding of your obligations. You should also ensure that you purchase the appropriate type of franchise for your needs from the available opportunities.

Failure to Follow Guidelines and Procedures

What is it about buying a franchise that you are interested in? Because of the name and the profitability of the franchisor? What makes you think you need to do things differently? Franchisees with little experience can end up doing just this. They either do not adhere to the business model or introduce their own items or services into the mix to differentiate themselves.

Keep in mind that the underlying business of your franchise is profitable – and it is successful because it adheres to its established model. If you own a local donut shop franchise – and it is profitable as a donut shop – why would you change your mind and start selling sandwiches instead of donuts? 

Relying on Reputation and Brand Name Alone

Let’s be honest; you are buying into this franchise because it is successful right? This is only partly true. The name will likely sell itself, but if you aren’t supporting that good name by providing the expected products and level of service, you will only be doing a disservice to yourself and the franchisor.

You reap what you sow, and you need to treat this venture as if you would have started it from the ground up. Running a successful franchise requires hard work and dedication to get the desired results and succeed.

Too Much Competition

Franchisees may find themselves in direct competition with one another, especially in large cities, where they may be located only a few blocks apart. Although you may have a large number of clients, the proximity of your competitors is reducing your sales.

Make sure that the location of the franchise you are considering is a solid one before you buy it. You’ll need to do some preliminary research on topics like client footfall and competitor activity.

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