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How Small Businesses Can Compete Online Against eCommerce Giants

eCommerce Giants

It might seem as though eCommerce giants have a strong online presence that you cannot compete with as a small business but that is not the case. There are many things that you can do to ensure that you give your business the best opportunity to reach more people and generate more sales, so follow our guide and you’ll soon realise that it is easier than you might think. 

Let Your Personality and Expertise Shine

 For many consumers, large businesses simply don’t have the personality that they are looking for. Therefore, you have the opportunity to capitalise on this by letting people know who you are. As a small business, you can have a personality that consumers can relate to. It’s no use pretending to be a big business as this will detract from who you really are. The aim should be to be true to what you want your business to be. Small is good and it’s important that you recognise this. 

This can be achieved by ensuring consumers understand the journey that you and your business have been on. From its beginning to where it is now, people like to know who they are purchasing from and why you do what you do. Are you driven to provide a unique service or product? Have you gone into business to provide a solution for your customers? Whatever the reason, let them know and they’ll instantly feel a connection with you. 

If you work with an external WordPress or Shopify agency then it’s important that they have a good grasp of your personality and what drives you. That way then can ensure that it is at the heart of everything your business does online. 

Furthermore, it’s important to show that big businesses are not the only experts in your industry. Sometimes, small businesses have more expertise and knowledge because of the way in which they work with customers and build meaningful relationships. 

Make it a Personal Experience 

People want to feel as though businesses care about them and don’t just see them as a number. Creating a personal experience helps to strengthen relationships and loyalty because the overall experience feels more exclusive and personal. 

If you send out packaged orders, a small handwritten note can be the nice touch that keeps them coming back to you. You could even add some small, free gifts into large orders because not only do customers love freebies but they also recognise the fact that you are acknowledging them and thanking them for their custom. 

When people deal with eCommerce giants, they can often become frustrated when it comes to making contact with them. Long waits on the phone are met with call centre staff who don’t have their interests at heart but you can offer something different. You can inform customers that you are personally contactable by providing a direct email address or telephone number. It’s these finer details that make the overall experience more memorable and it enables you to become a business that is not some faceless online eCommerce giant that we have all become familiar with. 

Use an eCommerce Agency That Understands Your Goals

Even as a small business, it’s important to do everything possible to ensure you have an online presence that drives sales. This is where you should consider using an agency or expert that completely understands your business from top to bottom. They should have a passion and drive that matches yours as this will enable you to work together as you strive to reach the same goals and targets. Once you have an expert or agency in place, you can then switch your focus onto running your business while your eCommerce agency or expert will take care of driving your business in the right direction.

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