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$31,000 Mutant Ape NFT Awarded To Lucky Winner of MetaWin competition.

  • One lucky winner is the proud owner of a Mutant Ape worth over $30k
  • The competition saw over 6,000 entries flooding in over the final 4 days
  • Web3 users began sending 100 entries at once in a last-minute frenzy
  • The competition countdowns continue for many more high-value NFTs on 

Innovative web3 company MetaWin has just closed its biggest competition yet, which has seen one lucky winner add an incredibly rare Mutant Ape NFT worth over $30,000 to their collection.

The prize draw, held on, saw thousands of new entries flooding in over the final 48-hour countdown before the winner was revealed. Several participants entered over 100 times in one go in a last-minute frenzy to up their chances of winning.
The final minutes before the big winner reveal was hosted live on Instagram with peruvianprincess.eth, who shared the flurry of entries that flooded in as the clock counted down the final seconds.
After a nail-biting wait as the winner was randomly selected, the lucky web3 user was revealed to be mjouan. This NFT fan has only entered four competitions on the site – yet they have now landed their first prize, a high-value rare Mutant Ape worth over $30,000.
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 599 is a highly sought-after NFT, and for good reason. This stunning rare artwork features a number of traits held by just a tiny percentage of the collection, most notably its multicolored grin which only 1% possess.
Its value has soared in recent months – for example, it was purchased by MetaWin for 18.39ETH a week ago but since then its value has risen to 21.85ETH, or over $38,000 – making this asset an impressive investment for any NFT fan. offers anyone the chance to start winning in Web3. By connecting their MetaMask wallet to the platform free of charge, they can browse competitions for numerous NFTs from notable collections such as Moonbirds, BAYC, and Genuine Undead.
Competition entries or sweeps are available for free, and the platform is fully transparent – anyone can view the unique blockchain technology facilitating the transfer of prizes to each winner, along with information about how many entries a competition has and more.

Plus, MetaWin offers entry bundles where participants can buy multiple entries to competitions and save on gas fees. To find out more and join the community, head over to 

About MetaWin 

MetaWin is an entrepreneurial, Web3 company founded on the belief that smart contract tech is set for mass adoption and will form an important part of our everyday lives in the future. 

The company’s goal is to combine its business knowledge and digital advertising expertise with ideas around smart contracts and blockchain technology. They are focused on building exciting products which provide real utility to their end users. 

Contact Information: Imogen Groome,

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