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3 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Working from Home

The ability to work from home is becoming something that more and more people are actively able to take advantage of. As technology progresses, more companies are beginning to embrace this as a valid option for their workforce. While working from home isn’t something everyone would naturally want to do – there are a lot of advantages to having this option.

Employees who work from home can avoid annoying commutes and in some cases can save a substantial amount of money because of it. Also, greater freedom and flexibility can benefit an employee’s mental health. Working remotely sometimes means that they can travel, or switch up the scenery and work from their favorite coffee shops. With access to mobile hotspots, as long as theirs a good cell signal, some employees are able to take their work to their favorite outdoor locations like beaches and state parks.

While working from home offers many benefits to an employee, it also comes with a certain amount of challenges. First off, not everyone wants to work from home and certain individuals have personalities that benefit from the structure that an office or workplace can bring. It can be hard to work from home and maintain good discipline and stay on top of deadlines. What’s more, is that for some people the stress of their jobs can be something that they struggle with – and bringing that energy into their homes isn’t ideal.

Thankfully, there are many ways that people can work from home and not only stay comfortable but healthy mentally and physically healthy. If you have been looking for ways to improve your work-from-home experience, here is everything you need to know!

1. Take Care of Your Eyes

Most people who can work from home can do this because they can use their laptop or computer set up to do their job. Having access to technology that allows this kind of flexibility is a huge benefit, however, exposing your eyes to computer screens can be detrimental to the health of your eyes.

In fact, chronic exposure to laptop screens can negatively affect the health of your eyes due to the blue light waves that most displays emit. Over time, this can not only affect the health of your eyes but it is also thought to disrupt your body’s ability to create the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that your body creates during it’s waking hours that helps you fall asleep when you go to bed. Without proper function of melatonin production or secretion, not only will someone have trouble falling asleep, but their quality of sleep will also be negatively affected.

Thankfully, using computer glasses can be a quick and easy fix to this solution. These glasses are designed with blue light wave filters along with an anti-reflective coating, which can support your eye health and keep you focused for longer amounts of time.

If you use a computer for hours a day and have never tried computer glasses, this is a must for your work-from-home life!

2.  Get Comfy With Your Favorite Hoodies

Working from home is all about a mindset. Yes, you didn’t get in the car or swipe a bus pass – but it’s still important that you have a routine. In fact, building healthy routines for what life looks like when you work from home can help improve your mental health. For some people, that may look like going the whole way with getting ready – showering, business attire, make-up, and all. For others, it could look like having a designated work space that they never do work outside of.

If you want to keep it casual, pick up some graphic hoodies for men from Into the Am and make them your designated casual work clothes. Yes, they are still gonna be casual and comfortable, but if they are designated for work – you’ll enforce a mindset of productivity. Because these hoodies are all artisan designed, you can pick out a couple to wear for certain days of the week. Because you work from home, your work routine can be as relaxed or crazy as you want – it’s just important to have one!

Another great way to stay healthy and comfortable when you work from home – is to practice good posture. Posture can help to increase your focus and strengthen your body in important ways. Lousy posture over time can lead to injury and discomfort that can make working from home hard.

If you feel like you need some help with posture, try picking up the straight 8 back brace. This back brace has 8 unique points of support and has a fully adjustable design that utilizes hemp fabrics to which away moisture and keep you comfortable. With a back brace, you can teach your muscles proper posture which will give you huge benefits in the long run.

3. Get Some Easy Exercise Into Your Day

Working from home can get lonely and monotonous. One of the biggest problems with working from home is that once you close down your computer for the day – you are still at home! This can be hard for some people, as the merging of work and home can create some stress and loneliness. Exercise is a great way to deal with the stress of working from home, and having something like a Peloton bike, or even Apple Fitness+ can work wonders for your emotional and mental health.

Breaking up the day with some healthy exercise is a great way to stay motivated and deal with the stresses of working from home. Whether you work out from your home or go to a local gym, even getting outside for consistent easy walks can be great for your health!


Working from home is a privilege and something that a lot of people love doing. With these items and recommendations, you can learn how to work from home in comfort, stay productive, and most importantly keep your mental and physical health in good place!

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