3 Tips to Make Healthy Choices When You Travel

3 Tips to Make Healthy Choices When You Travel

Traveling is often an enjoyable and exciting experience. However, you quickly find yourself out of your routine when you travel. Being out of your routine often makes choosing unhealthy, quick meal options easier.

You may also be less inclined to exercise or stay active, depending on the nature and location of your trip. Less activity and poor food choices can quickly lead to weight gain.

While a bit of weight isn’t anything to be concerned about, developing unhealthy habits can lead to excessive weight gain and obesity. Many health problems are associated with being obese, and it’s a large reason why life insurance for overweight individuals costs more than for those in good health.

For you to avoid developing unhealthy habits, it’s essential to stay healthy while traveling. You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without making unhealthy choices with the right tips.

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#1 Pack Snacks While Traveling

While it may seem like extra work to pack your snacks during travel, it can make a massive difference in your choices. Rather than stopping at a gas station for a pricey, unhealthy snack when you’re feeling hungry, you can simply pull out a healthy alternative instead.

Fruit, granola bars, sandwiches with lean meats, and vegetables are excellent options that are easy to carry with you. If you’re traveling by car, it’s easy to prep these items ahead of time and have them ready to grab whenever you get hungry.

If you’re taking a plane, it may be a little more difficult to prep your snacks ahead of time. However, you can make a stop at a local grocery store once you reach your destination. There you can purchase some healthy options and pack them away until you want them.

Packing your snacks not only encourages you to make healthier choices but also can save you money. Grabbing a few snacks here and there throughout your trip can add up to a steep cost depending on how long you are traveling.

#2 Pay Attention to Menu Items While Dining Out

While it’s unlikely you will go your entire trip without dining out, you can still stay healthy while eating at restaurants. A thorough look at the menu can help you identify options that are lower in calories, sodium, and cholesterol.

Items that are grilled, steamed, or baked are often much healthier than anything fried or sauteed. Salads are also typically a good choice at most restaurants.

If you feel like splurging while eating out, you don’t have to deny yourself a craving completely. Portion control can also help you stay healthy while you travel. If there is a menu item you’re craving that isn’t healthy, you can still order it and choose to eat a smaller portion.

Choosing healthy sides to go with your meal can also make a big impact. While french fries may sound tempting, choosing more nutritious options such as vegetables or a salad can make a big difference in your overall calorie intake.

Choosing healthy menu items or eating smaller portion sizes can help you avoid overindulging during your travels. It’s also one of the great tips to avoid highway hypnosis.

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#3 Don’t Drink Your Calories While Traveling

Traveling makes it easy to choose beverages you likely wouldn’t overindulge in at home. Whether you enjoy alcoholic beverages or soda, something about traveling makes you more inclined to order these drinks more frequently.

While a drink here and there isn’t anything concerning, consuming too many can be highly unhealthy. Mixed drinks and soda are typically filled with sugar and a large number of empty calories. Other beverages, such as beer, can vary in their calorie range, many containing more than 100 calories per drink.

You may not even realize how much you’re consuming, as drinks are typically easier to overindulge in than food — drinking even three or four drinks per day while traveling can add up to an excessive amount of sugar, calories, or carbs.

Rather than wasting calories on drinks, enjoy some water during most of your travels. You don’t have to deny yourself a drink here and there, but excessive drinking can be extremely unhealthy.

Choosing Healthy Habits While Traveling

No matter where you are going or whether you’re going for work or pleasure, it’s easy to get swept up in being out of your everyday routine. This lack of structure can leave you feeling like watching your overall health isn’t as much of a concern.

A little indulgence here and there isn’t a cause for concern. However, some bad habits can stick with you. Developing them on vacation and bringing them home with you can negatively affect your health and weight.

Making healthy choices while traveling not only keeps you in a healthy mindset but also helps you feel better while you travel. Packing healthy snacks, ordering healthier menu choices, and avoiding empty drink calories can help you stay on track while you’re on vacation.

Written by Alexandra Arcand. She writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site, She is an avid traveler who enjoys finding ways to make healthy choices on her trips.

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