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3 Sectors Revolutionized By the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

There are two main technologies that are responsible for helping to create intelligent systems in our industries. One you’ve probably heard of is artificial intelligence (AI) and the other is machine learning (ML). These two developments are very similar, so what is the difference between AI vs ML?

Machine learning is a part of the broader term of AI, but it refers to the specific learning a machine does based on the data it is fed. ML can make decisions or predictions based on a historical set of data, and use its best decision-making ability to help provide an outcome.

Conversely, artificial intelligence refers to technologies that can mimic human behaviour and thinking. The goal of this development is to simulate human intelligence in systems so that they can function in a more complex and intelligent manner.  Here are three sectors that are being revolutionized by AI technology, along with what it could mean for the future. 


The insurance industry is always changing alongside updates in technology. There are many factors and evolving regulations that give this industry the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence to its benefit. Enhancing customer satisfaction Is one of the most important ways AI is revolutionizing insurance companies. It helps customers and companies have a faster claim processing due to the large information of data they process. AI automation can also help with loss prevention and protecting against fraudulent claims. Through deep learning, chatbots or data processing and management, there are many AI tools to help companies make the process smoother for them and their customers.


The scope of possibilities is endless when it comes to merging the entertainment industry with the powers of AI. One of the first real examples of AI in mainstream media was the film title with the same name, AI: Artificial Intelligence. The actual technology itself has made many incredible advancements since then, including the world’s first AI-Generated music and video content, which created new music based on previous learnings of popular sounds. User experience is a big factor in how AI is transforming the entertainment industry. Netflix, for example, learns personal preferences and offers suggestions, making a personalized entertainment experience for users.


Artificial intelligence has been a big part of the education sector since its inception. However, it’s not only for technical learning; it also serves to make everyday learning much easier for students, teachers and even parents. There are AI-based games and software that help kids to learn different subjects in new ways, while being more engaging and impactful than older traditional methods. Personalization is one of the ways how intelligent tutoring systems are changing education. For example, some systems can learn how a student is performing based on past tests and create a personalized study pack for them. This is only the beginning of what AI will be able to do to further enhance our education process.

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that can truly help revolutionize these sectors and many others. There is so much that we can teach machines and there is a lot they can learn from us and our data. It’s truly amazing to see how this information and technology can revolutionize our world.

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