The World’s First AI-Generated Music and Video Content: Enterarts

“Just beyond the horizon of the so-called impossible is infinite possibility.” as said by Bryant McGill. With the rising technological upgrades, it seems like anything is possible, after all, who would have imagined there is any way possible to create music with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Enterarts is one record label that is bringing change to the music industry by its world’s first music as well as video content generator. Their goal is to become a cutting-edge entertainment company by combining music and technology. Its new work will be released as NFT content. The digital single was composed by the AI virtual producer Aimy Moon, with their collaboration with K-pop artist Hayeon. 

This amazing cover was first announced by the worldwide NFT marketplace Mintable. NFT refers to Non-Fungible Token, it has been a great source to help the new artists with their crypto trends, although it is a bit costly the good thing is you can easily design and trade your NFTs. It provides a digital platform to create exclusive digital content and identification of instructions for files like photographs, video as well as music contents with the help of the special blockchain technology, which is also known as a new kind of bitcoin which has been an exclusive topic for most people.

NFT is being preferred by most music composers as well as artists globally. It has a rich and wide range of digital art and other content. Now, let’s talk about the marvelous single “idkwtd” which stands for I don’t know what to do, it is one of the best examples of the new eras music and video creation, it is the digitally produced single. It has been the 15 at the album of the “A.I.M” which stands for Arts in Mankind is a wonderful record label that is a part of the leading company in this genre, Enterarts that helps in the creation of AI content like music and video. 

A.I.M floated in 2018, which resides on Aimy Moon.  Aimy Moon’s AI music composer composed this music with the help of the demo virtual music that she composes. AI music features deep learning and knowledge of neural network technology, it has been a great help for creating all the music for A.I.M Aimy Moon is also the Artificial Intelligence songwriter other than being the composer, the only virtual artist which can compose music with the help of artificial Intelligence. 

Hayeon has also received a colossal fandom after her AI single “ Eyes on You” which was released back in 2020. Apart from this, Hayeon is also constantly working on her new project and direction of her new music video “Walk Away” which is supposed to be released this year. It is great to watch Hayeon’s mesmerizing vocals and sensibility being recognized by many, she is a hardworking artist and with A.I.M  “idkwtd” we got to see her gifted talent. 

The video has been significant for creating two different ways the original version as well the ambient version of the track. Enterarts business associate Neutune helped in enforcing the mixed scape technology which furthermore helps in the creation of AI produce and edits the video as per the music source provided. 

We can see the great future that A.I.M and Aimy Moon have to offer with the future with the digitalization of music composition with artificial intelligence. A.I.M so far has produced up to thousands of songs which they released on their social media platform which grabbed the attention of many people, it is one of the most appreciated technological advancements in the music industry. If one thing we can suggest about A.I.M is one should watch the beauty of combination AI music composition and technology. 

With the outstanding combination of technology and music, A.I.M will be reaching new heights in the future, giving a modern pinch to your music, it is like entering the new era of music creation. You should check out the website and for any query, feel free to contact on the details provided below.

Press contacts:

Chanjae Park, Enterarts
126-1, Goomidong Soungnamsi Bundanggu Gyeongido, Korea
Seoul, Korea

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