20 Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets Discovered in the Last Year

20 Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets Discovered in the Last Year

20 Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets Discovered in the Last Year

In the ever-evolving world of business travel, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and founders to discover the gadgets they’ve found indispensable on the road. From the productivity-boosting laptop screen extender to the eco-friendly collapsible water bottle, explore the top twenty game-changing travel gadgets that these seasoned professionals can’t live without.

  • Maximize Productivity with Laptop Screen Extender
  • Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Efficient Typing
  • Noise-Canceling Pillow for Restful Travel Sleep
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender for Reliable Connections
  • Portable Garment Steamer for Crisp Attire
  • Skyroam Solis X for Essential Portable Wi-Fi
  • Anker PowerCore as a Power Up on the Go
  • Stay Connected with e-SIM-Enabled Smartwatch
  • Travel Power Strip for Device Management
  • Mini Projector for On-Demand Presentations
  • UV-C Sanitizing Wand for Germ-Free Travel
  • Portable Espresso Maker for Coffee Aficionados
  • Universal Language Translator for Global Communication
  • Cable Organizer for Tangle-Free Tech
  • Smart Suitcase as the Ultimate Travel Companion
  • Moleskine Set Digitizes Notes on the Move
  • Portable Document Scanner for Business Efficiency
  • RFID-Blocking Smart Wallet for Secure Travel
  • Theragun Mini as a Portable Personal Masseuse
  • Collapsible Water Bottle for Eco-Friendly Hydration


Maximize Productivity with Laptop Screen Extender

The laptop screen extender revolutionized how I manage complex tasks. It’s a portable, attachable second screen, perfect for handling intricate Google Sheets and multitasking across multiple tabs. 

Juggling project management and strategy development becomes significantly easier with this added screen space. The gadget is lightweight, easy to carry, and doesn’t excessively drain my laptop’s battery. It’s compatible with both generic laptops and MacBooks. I recently switched to the JoyReal Portable Monitor for my MacBook. 

This extender improves my workflow and helps to cut down on the time spent switching between windows. If you are a traveler who has lots of data-intensive tasks, this might be a solid investment for you.

Alexandra Dubakova, Head of Marketing,


Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Efficient Typing

For some reason, I find writing on keyboards much more convenient than using a laptop keyboard. But with travel, it’s not possible to take it everywhere because of its size. 

Thankfully, last year I found a foldable Bluetooth keyboard from Samsers, and now it accompanies me everywhere. The best part is that it supports phones as well. For $50, it comes with a touchpad that works as a mouse, so you don’t need anything else. It fits seamlessly in my bag and has been the best tech product of the year. Since it supports my phone as well, usually when I’m traveling, it helps me make fewer errors and write longer emails or messages, making my work easier.

Scott Lard, General Manager, Partner, IS&T


Noise-Canceling Pillow for Restful Travel Sleep

One business-travel gadget that I discovered recently, and now can’t live without, is a noise-canceling pillow. This innovative pillow is designed with built-in speakers that emit soothing white noise or calming sounds to help drown out external noise and create a more peaceful environment for sleep or relaxation.

It’s particularly useful during long flights or in noisy hotel rooms, where it can be challenging to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. The noise-canceling pillow allows me to block out disturbances and enjoy a more restful and rejuvenating travel experience. Additionally, it is compact and easy to pack, making it a unique and valuable gadget for any business traveler.

Dave Kerr, Advertising Specialist, Merged Dental Marketing


Wi-Fi Range Extender for Reliable Connections

As an expert in RV travel and a serial entrepreneur, I discovered that a compact Wi-Fi range extender became indispensable in my travels. It helps to maintain a strong internet connection, which is critical for various aspects of my business. 

For example, during a video conference with international clients, the extender provided a stable connection that prevented any interruptions. In another instance, while finalizing a crucial contract, it made my document uploads fast and seamless. I also relied on it when I needed to download large files for a presentation.

To select the best Wi-Fi range extender for RV use, focus on its range capabilities and ease of installation. Look for a model offering at least 300 feet of signal range to ensure comprehensive coverage. I’m using the TP-Link RE350K; it’s compatible with most routers and offers an extended Wi-Fi coverage of up to 10,000 square feet.

Ravi Parikh, Founder and CEO, RoverPass


Portable Garment Steamer for Crisp Attire

One business-travel gadget that I discovered recently and now can’t live without is a portable garment steamer. This compact device allows me to quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles from my clothes while on the go. 

Instead of relying on hotel irons or dealing with the hassle of finding a nearby dry cleaner, I can simply use the portable garment steamer to refresh my outfits and look professional for important business meetings and events. It is lightweight, easy to use, and takes up minimal space in my luggage.

 This gadget has not only saved me time and money but also helped me maintain a polished and presentable appearance while traveling for business.

Dmitriy Bobriakov, Marketing Manager, RealEstateU


Skyroam Solis X for Essential Portable Wi-Fi

As someone who works remotely while traveling, the Skyroam Solis X has become an essential tool that I can’t imagine my journeys without. Its portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature ensures I have a reliable internet connection wherever I go. This gadget allows me to stay connected with clients, attend virtual meetings, and helps me maintain my productivity while I’m on the road. 

Furthermore, the convenience of having a secure and stable Wi-Fi network without relying on unpredictable public networks has significantly improved my remote work experience. Its compact design and ease of use make it an essential tool for any digital nomad navigating the challenges of working while traveling.

Hammer Tsui, Travel Blogger and Digital Nomad, A Fun Couple


Anker PowerCore as a Power Up on the Go

I’ve been on the road a lot this past year for client meetings and conferences, so I’m always looking for gadgets and tools that make business travel easier. The one thing I discovered recently that I now can’t live without is a portable battery pack. Specifically, I use the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh power bank. It’s super slim and lightweight, so it easily fits in my bag or even pocket without adding much bulk. 

I can use it to charge my phone or tablet on the go when I don’t have access to an outlet. It holds enough juice to fully recharge my phone up to three times. This comes in so handy when I’m stuck at an airport for hours or in back-to-back meetings where I don’t have a chance to plug in my devices. The battery pack has been a real game-changer in keeping me powered up and connected during business trips. I don’t know how I managed without it!

For example, just last week, I was at an industry conference that had limited access to outlets in the convention hall. My phone was down to 20% by midday. I was able to pull out my Anker battery pack and recharge my phone during lunch, which kept me going through several more hours of meetings and sessions. 

Without the extra power, I may have missed some important calls and notifications. Having the portable charger with me gave me peace of mind that I’d stay connected. It’s an essential business travel gadget that I’d highly recommend to anyone who’s on the road a lot.

Mac Steer, Owner and Director, Simify


Stay Connected with e-SIM-Enabled Smartwatch

While most people are unaware of it, e-SIM technology has been around for some time. When you visit new countries, most of the time, your default carrier charges you exorbitantly for international roaming. And even if they provide a package for it, it still ends up being quite costly and, most of the time, low on data and talk time. That’s where e-SIM comes in.

The one gadget that I discovered over the past year or so and now can’t live without is the e-SIM-enabled smartwatch. Not only does it have all the features of a regular smartwatch, like fitness tracking, etc., but it also allows me to stay connected while traveling without the hassle of changing SIM cards or paying for expensive roaming packages.

With an e-SIM-enabled smartwatch, you can easily switch to a local carrier in any country without physically going out and buying a new SIM card. Simply scan the QR code, and you are good to go.

Burak Özdemir, Founder,


Travel Power Strip for Device Management

An indispensable companion during business travels, this compact marvel effortlessly accommodates multiple devices, addressing the perennial challenge of insufficient power outlets. 

Its sleek design belies its robust functionality, ensuring laptops, smartphones, and other electronic essentials seamlessly coexist on the road. The unmatched convenience it offers transforms any workspace into a hub of productivity. Embracing this innovation has streamlined my work routine, eliminating the need to juggle between devices and hunt for available outlets. Adaptation is effortless; it seamlessly integrates into any travel bag, enhancing mobility without sacrificing efficiency. 

This unassuming gadget has become integral to my business trips, revolutionizing how I navigate the demands of a mobile office. Its discreet presence ensures a seamless transition from one location to another, establishing it as an unsung hero in the realm of modern business travel.

Travis Willis, Director of Customer Success, Aspire


Mini Projector for On-Demand Presentations

For spontaneous presentations or enjoyable movie nights with colleagues, a mini projector is a must-have. It effortlessly connects to my devices and projects a high-quality display in any location. Its portability and reliable projection enhance group interactions, fostering collaboration and entertainment. This gadget epitomizes adaptability and fosters team cohesion through shared experiences.

Gillian Dewar, Chief Financial Officer, Crediful


UV-C Sanitizing Wand for Germ-Free Travel

In today’s health-conscious environment, a UV-C sanitizing wand is a hygiene essential. It disinfects frequently touched surfaces in hotel rooms and workspaces, reducing the risk of germs. Its portable design and rapid disinfection capabilities add peace of mind to my travels.

Rex Huxford, Director of Demand Generation, MD Clarity


Portable Espresso Maker for Coffee Aficionados

As a coffee enthusiast, a portable espresso maker ensures I can enjoy a quality cup of coffee wherever I am. It’s compact, manual design doesn’t rely on electricity, making it perfect for remote locations. The ability to savor a freshly brewed espresso on the road elevates my travel experiences. This gadget embodies the importance of personalization and comfort in travel choices.

Stephen Hasner, Managing Partner, Hasner Law PC


Universal Language Translator for Global Communication

My travel adventures often take me to new countries where I meet and interact with people who speak different languages. For a long time, I relied on human translators, who were not only expensive but also inaccessible when I needed them. 

However, since I started using a universal language translator, I’m no longer dependent on a translator, as I can communicate easily with the locals, integrate myself into another culture, and go to unfamiliar places without the fear of miscommunication or being misunderstood. It has literally become the one travel gadget I can’t live without when exploring new countries.

Logan Nguyen, Co-Founder,


Cable Organizer for Tangle-Free Tech

It has to be the cable organizer I bought; it completely changed my life. I don’t know when exactly we ended up with so many wires for every little thing, but everything needs a cable, they all need charging, and the next thing I know, I’m traveling with six cables and they’re all getting tangled, and I can’t find them when I’m at the airport, and it’s a nightmare. 

Then I got this little box that has a designated spot for each cable and little dividers, and voilà—my cables are sorted and separated, and I can actually find them. It saved me hours in searching and detangling work.

Rick Berres, Owner, Honey-Doers


Smart Suitcase: The Ultimate Travel Companion

The Smart Suitcase has transformed my business travel experiences in ways I could have never imagined. This innovative piece of luggage is not just a suitcase, but a complete travel companion. It boasts features like GPS tracking, a built-in digital scale, USB charging ports, and an app that syncs with your phone to provide real-time location alerts. It’s made traveling for business seamless and more efficient, and I can’t imagine hitting the road without it.

Ivan Brozincevic, Owner,


Moleskine Set Digitizes Notes on the Move

As a frequent traveler, I always take with me the Moleskine Smart Writing Set. It’s a combination of a smart pen and a special notebook that digitizes your handwritten notes and drawings in real time. It allows you to easily store and access them on any electronic device. 

It’s been incredibly helpful in keeping all my business and travel notes and ideas organized, plus it makes my business trips much more efficient.

Tom Molnar, Operation Manager – Web Designer – SEO Expert, Fit Design


Portable Document Scanner for Business Efficiency

As a small-business owner, one business-travel gadget that has become indispensable to me in the recent past is a portable document scanner. 

This nifty device is compact and lightweight, and it allows me to digitize documents on the go, ensuring that I can rapidly share business proposals, contracts, and receipts with my team, no matter where I am. With its high-resolution scanning capabilities, it has indeed become a vital tool for maintaining efficient operations while traveling.

Asadullah Saleem, Founder, Low Cost Glasses


RFID-Blocking Smart Wallet for Secure Travel

Protecting sensitive information is paramount. My smart travel wallet with RFID-blocking technology shields my passport, credit cards, and vital documents from electronic theft, enhancing security and peace of mind during my journeys. Its multiple compartments keep everything organized and easily accessible. Its sleek design and durability have made it a stylish and practical choice.

Chad Sultana, Founder, Chad Sultana


Theragun Mini as a Portable Personal Masseuse

One business-travel essential I’ve discovered and now can’t go without is the Theragun Mini. It’s pure gold for me. This travel-sized device has become my on-the-go personal masseuse. After a long day of meetings or travel, a quick session with it does wonders. It helps me relax, release any built-up tension, and mentally recharge. 

The best part? It’s portable, so I can address any discomfort wherever I am, ensuring I’m always at the top of my game. It’s been a real lifesaver, making my travels more comfortable and productive.

Amar Ghose, CEO, ZenMaid


Collapsible Water Bottle for Eco-Friendly Hydration

Staying hydrated on the go is a priority, and a collapsible water bottle makes it easy. Its space-saving design allows it to fit into my bag effortlessly, and it expands to hold a generous amount of water, reducing the need for disposable plastic bottles.

Plus, its eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainability goals. This gadget is a testament to the significance of eco-conscious choices in contemporary travel.

John Hughes, CEO, ContractorNerd


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