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12 Essential Accessories to Enhance Your Electric Bike Experience

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, have exploded in popularity in recent years. With their electric assist, e-bikes make cycling accessible to more people by reducing physical exertion. They also expand the possibilities for bike commuting and recreation. 

While e-bikes come ready to ride right out of the box, there are many accessories available to enhance the e-bike experience. Customizing your e-bike with the right accessories can make your rides more comfortable, convenient, and fun.

Here are twelve must-have accessories to enjoy the ultimate electric bike experience.

1. Sturdy Lock

A good lock is an essential accessory for any bike owner wanting to deter theft. However, e-bikes warrant extra security precautions due to their high value. A standard U-lock or cable lock can be easily cut. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a thick, hardened steel U-lock, which provides much more security for your pricey e-bike.

You can also use two different lock types together for even better protection. Having a secure lock gives you peace of mind when parking your e-bike around town.

2. E-Bike Disc Brakes

Upgrading your brakes enhances stopping power and modulation in all conditions. Electric bikes are heavier than standard bikes; therefore, high-performance disc brakes provide the increased braking force needed to safely stop an e-bike. Unlike rim brakes, discs continue working even when wet. 

Look for 4-piston hydraulic ebike disc brakes to get the best blend of power, modulation, and control. Confidently navigate busy streets and trails with disc brakes tailored to e-bikes.

3. Helmet 

Wearing a helmet is crucial for safe cycling. Many e-bike riders travel at higher average speeds than traditional bikes. A helmet protects your head in case of falls at any speed. 

Look for a helmet with extra rear coverage to protect your head if you take a tumble backward. Make sure the helmet fits properly and replace it every five years, as the protective foam breaks down over time. 

Stylish helmets are available to complement your e-bike’s look, allowing you to ride in style while practicing safety.

4. Phone Mount

A phone mount allows you to easily view maps, play music, and track your ride stats on the go. Mounting your phone to the handlebars keeps it visible while riding, unlike storing it in a pocket or bag. 

Get a sturdy, weatherproof mount that fits your phone model and has adjustable angles. Some mounts have integrated USB charging ports to keep your phone powered on long rides. With a handy phone mount, you can ride smarter and safer.

5. Bike Computer

For riders who love to immerse themselves in data, a bike computer is invaluable. Unlike phone apps, these devices connect directly to sensors on your wheels, offering precision in metrics such as speed, distance, and altitude.

By integrating additional sensors, riders can also monitor cadence, heart rate, and power output. Mounted conveniently on the handlebars, some models even come equipped with navigation to explore and follow new routes. Elevate your ride details with a bike computer.

6. Panniers

Balancing items while riding can be tricky, potentially affecting your center of gravity. Panniers, mounted onto a rear rack, present a solution for hands-free transportation of your belongings. They are available in waterproof variants to shield your items from unexpected showers. 

Some panniers can even transform into backpacks, making off-bike journeys a breeze. Whether it’s for daily commuting or a picnic getaway, panniers ensure a hassle-free ride.

7. Seat Bag

For easy access to essentials, consider a seat bag that snugly fits under your saddle. It’s an ideal space for repair tools, spare tubes, and personal items like snacks, phones, wallets, and keys. 

When choosing a seat bag, ensure it’s spacious enough for your necessities but not so bulky that it impedes your pedaling. Many bags even offer a tail light attachment point, enhancing your visibility on the road. Keep your essentials within reach with a seat bag.

8. Suspension Seatpost

Rough terrains can be tough on riders, but a suspension seatpost offers a smoother experience. Embedded with a shock absorber, it effectively diminishes jolts from uneven surfaces, reducing rider fatigue and discomfort. Furthermore, it enhances control, especially when navigating obstacles. 

If considering it for an e-bike, ensure the frame has the necessary clearance. Opt for a suspension seatpost and relish in increased comfort on bumpy trails.

9. Lights

Having lights on your e-bike improves visibility and safety when riding at night or in low-light conditions. You can invest in a bright headlight and taillight.

Opting for rechargeable options is recommended. Dynamo-powered lights that generate electricity from your spinning wheels are also a great option.

Stay seen in any condition with a set of quality lights.

10. Mirrors

Mirrors allow you to easily check behind you while riding an e-bike. They improve rear visibility so you can monitor traffic and avoid surprises from the back. Opt for a sturdy, vibration-resistant mirror that mounts to your handlebar or helmet. Place it so you can check it without taking your eyes off the road ahead for too long.

Ride with greater awareness with a set of bike mirrors.

11. Phone Charger

Many e-bikes have USB charging ports built into the battery or display. If yours doesn’t, you can add a phone charger to keep your phone powered. This allows you to charge on the go so your phone doesn’t die mid-ride.

Never have a dead phone battery again!

12. Cargo Trailer

A cargo trailer attaches to the back of your e-bike to provide a large storage area for hauling bigger loads. It’s ideal for transporting kids, pets, groceries, camping gear, and more. The electric assist on your e-bike makes towing a trailer easier. Just ensure your e-bike has the capacity to haul the additional weight.

Expanded cargo capacity will open up new possibilities for how you use your e-bike.



With the right accessories, you can customize your e-bike for comfort, convenience, utility, and fun. Start with fundamental safety accessories like a helmet, a lock, and brakes. Add functional accessories like bags, mounts, and suspension to suit your riding needs. And don’t forget accessories to enhance the riding experience, like a computer for tracking your ride data.

With so many ways to optimize your e-bike, the possibilities are endless for creating your ideal electric bike setup. Ride on!

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