10 Practical Tips For A Graphic Designer To Get The Job Done Faster And Earn More

Being a graphic designer can sometimes be hard if we are not focused on our tasks and can make it more difficult if we’re also chasing deadlines. Today, I will talk about how to properly organize the design process and not get stuck on a burning deadline.

Tip 1: Rule of Threes

For me, the Rule of Three is fundamental when creating projects in graphic design. I don’t remember when I discovered the “rule of three.” Every morning I structure the tasks and determine the 3 highest priorities that I do first. According to this principle, I determine 3 cases for a week and a month. The rest of the things I do only after the first three are completed.

Tip 2. Pomodoro Technique

Start working on a timer. I installed the program for myself on macOS Tomato One, look at other applications, the choice in the App Store is rich. Or you can install a timer app. As for me, I installed WorkBreaker on my smartphone. You will be surprised how much productivity will increase when you try to divide work time and rest into segments. The period of time is conventionally called a “Pomodoro.” Lasts 40-65 minutes: 25 minutes of work and 10-20 minutes of rest. Try this technique when creating a graphic design. Don’t thank me.

Tip 3. Use graphic design tools

I take advantage of using free graphic design tools especially when I’m stuck and unable to produce new designs. Canva has a lot of templates to offer that can give you the inspiration to create new ideas. This tool helped me save more time to finish my projects because their templates are ready to use and less tricky to edit. You can also access and save your document anytime and anywhere through this app.

Tip 4. Disable instant messengers.

Stop checking social media during work hours. Don’t be distracted by sounds and new messages. Completely turn off the sound and notifications on your smartphone. I assure you; nothing will happen to the world in 25 minutes of working on a project.

Tip 5. Learn keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Start using hotkeys. Memorize frequently used actions and look for keyboard shortcuts that you need to learn. I know several graphic designers who work at the speed of light. And it’s all thanks to hotkeys.

Tip 6: Group your work

Group tasks in projects by characteristics: type of work, time of creation, and place of execution. A lot of time is spent searching and selecting images for a project or presentation. When selecting images for a graphic design project, try to search for 2-3 tasks at the same time.

You come to the fast-printing center to print a leaflet for a client, and it dawns on you: “Personal business cards are over!” To minimize the error, you should work in the morning. Use the Reminders app on macOS. It syncs reminders on your computer and phone.

Tip 7: Put on your headphones.

The designer often works on the premises of Open Space. In an open space, music, noises, or requests from colleagues to go for a smoke distract from the design of the logo or corporate identity. Put on your headphones, listen to music, and focus on work projects and tasks. Get inspired by music by creating a corporate identity or designing a logo.

Tip 8. Record the result.

Often a graphic designer gets carried away working on a project. In creating a corporate identity, the designer works non-stop for 2-3 hours, testing hypotheses and thinking critically. And that’s okay, a graphic designer is a creative person. But, being carried away by the project, do not lose control over yourself and your work. I advise you to test the project you are working on more often. Make a version of the logo – show it to a colleague, sister, or mother and get an opinion. Ask for feedback and show logo options

First, at this point, the brain switches from creating the design to processing information. Secondly, you will receive feedback and a portion of critical remarks. I assure you, there is nothing more useful in the work of a graphic designer than getting feedback on the work done. The main vision is to ask the proper questions. Get feedback and fix the result. Check your compass and don’t get lost in the three pines.


Tip 9. Tidy up your desk.

This is the first thing to do before starting a project. Even a small graphic design layout change requires the concentration of the designer. Look at the desktop. Remove the trash and get rid of the excess.

Of course, for a graphic designer, the cute little things that shape the creative world are important: a porcelain figurine, an eraser, or a pencil from Spain. Put the cuteness on the table for a while, don’t get distracted from creating a cool message in graphic design. Don’t let a postcard with a nice girl grab your attention. Keep your thoughts on the project. Do not lose control, otherwise, you will be carried away into the world of dreams.

Tip 10. Set a work status.

Often a designer works at home, in a co-working space, or in an office. Notify about the work on the project. Set the status on the messenger: busy with the company’s identity, developing milk packaging, and redesigning the logo. Write what you are doing so that people think ten times before distracting them over trifles. Place a sign next to you: “Redesigning a logo for Coca-Cola, no distractions. Thanks for understanding”


The faster you finished your projects, the more money you get. A graphic designer is paid money for talking and for miles that are clicked. We wind up more, we get more money. As soon as they removed their hand from the mouse and were distracted by chatter or a call, they lost their thought. Together with the muse and money. 

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