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Solo Technologies launches suite of financial tools to help independent contractors earn more in California and New York

Financial tools to help independent contractors earn more in California and New York

Seattle-based financial management platform, Solo, has announced the launch of its Smart Schedule and Pay Guarantee tools in California and New York City. Designed to assist independent workers in effectively managing their business-of-one, Solo aims to automate administrative tasks and optimize work schedules, providing users with professional flexibility while ensuring financial stability.

With a commitment to empowering independent workers, Solo has already witnessed significant success, with solopreneurs earning an average of 20% more through the platform. In fact, Solo has guaranteed over $10 million in worker earnings to date. The recent introduction of the Smart Schedule and Pay Guarantee Program extends the platform’s unique software to more than 150,000 independent workers across the nation.

By utilizing aggregated market data, the Solo app equips users with valuable insights, tools, and transparency to guide them towards the highest-earning opportunities during the most favorable hours. Through the Smart Schedule feature, independent workers can maximize their earnings by efficiently directing their efforts, based on real-time data. 

Solo’s Pay Guarantee Program addresses income instability and encourages workers to leverage peak pay periods for increased earnings. The dynamic income floor, which often doubles during high-demand periods, encompasses base rates, incentives, and tips, making up to 50% of a delivery driver’s total compensation.

CEO and Co-founder of Solo, Bryce Bennett, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform’s potential to revolutionize the solopreneur experience: “We’re excited to unlock the potential of solopreneurs using software and data to put more money in their pockets. For too long, independent workers have lacked the tools and resources to seamlessly manage their finances; let alone increase their take-home pay. We built Solo to bridge the gap between W2 and 1099 work so that users can enjoy flexibility while also stabilizing their income.”

Solo states that its Smart Schedule tool has already proven effective, with users earning an average of 20% more per week. Additionally, they save an average of $1,500 or more annually in tax deductions. 

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