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10 Popular Fintech Blogs and Forums To Follow

Fintech Blogs and Forums give you fresh and unique analysis of trending events in the Fintech industry. Fintech is heating up every day in workplaces, events, and homes. Some people ask us occasionally: “What are your favorite sources of latest Fintech news?” If you want to keep up with the Fintech industry, the following are our 10 popular specialist Fintech blogs and forum websites to keep you updated frequently with high quality content.

1) Finovate Blog

Finovate Blog highlights Finovate’s conferences and events that take place every year for fintech. Their videos are very informative. This website is updated every day with high content.  The website mainly focuses on the top fintech companies around the world such as PayPal, Kabbage, Prosper, Lending Club and Transfer Wise.

2) Financial Services Club

Financial Services Club is full of useful insights. The website owner, Chris Skinner consults, speaks at fintech events and has authored a book known as Digital Bank. If you are looking for a leading authority to follow in fintech and Digital Banking, consider this website.

3) NextMoney

NextMoney is a forum where the world’s top fintech leaders contribute their views. This website is very much worth reading.  The contributors of this website focus on driving change in financial services through innovation, design, and entrepreneurship.

4) Tweeted Times for FinTech

Look at Tweeted Times for Fintech  if you can’t take a look at #Fintech on Twitter. The website consolidates the information from Twitter and displays the latest articles that are widely tweeted and retweeted for financial technology with their headlines and summary. Since the articles are sorted according to the number of tweets, one can easily access the most popular fintech articles that have been published.

5) Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates website delivers breaking news, researches and opinions of experts on financial innovation. Founded by Michael Greenberg in 2009, the website initially focuses on the Forex B2B field but later widened its scope.

6) is an information source and newswire focusing on the payments industry. The website delivers opinions, news, webinars, data points and researches, and contributions from fintech industry experts.  The website mostly covers how mobile and online payments will affect the e-commerce industry.

7) Bank Innovation

Bank innovation offers financial experts with an open forum to discuss fintech ideas, read news, post contributions, and share information. The website features opinions, news pieces, and trend lists.

8) Banking4Tomorrow

Banking4Tomorrow is a website that is maintained by notorious Australian technology futurist, international best-selling author, public speaker, Brett King. In 2002, the trade newspaper American Banker named King “Bank Technology News Innovator of the Year”. King writes his opinions, reviews and analysis on Banking4Tomorrow.

9) BankNXT

BankNXT is marinated by Backbase, a software firm that designs tools and platforms to help financial institutions create and manage consumer experiences in various channels.

10) The Fintech Blog

The Fintech Blog provides researches, events coverage, analysis and interviews of fintech top execs and entrepreneurs. The website focuses on innovation, wealth management, and startups versus incumbents, mobile lending, and market place lending.

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