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100 Popular Fintech Blogs and News websites to Follow

popular fintech blogs

These Popular Fintech Blogs and News websites give you fresh and unique analysis of trending events in the Fintech industry. Fintech is heating up every day in workplaces, events, and homes. Some people ask us occasionally: “What are your favorite sources of latest Fintech news?” If you want to keep up with the Fintech industry, the following are our 100 popular fintech blogs and news websites to follow:

1) Finnovate

Finnovate tracks financial technology and innovation and posts at least 9 updates every week. You can always get the latest in fintech, banking, financial services, personal finance and investment management.

2) The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times provides a balanced and comprehensive perspective of the fintech sector. To achieve this, it blends observational journalism with first hand insight and expertise. In addition to posting frequent fintech updates on its website, The Fintyech Times is the only producer of a fintech dedicated newspaper. The website makes at least 21 posts every week.

3) PaymentsSource

PaymentsSource is a useful resource that enables professionals to stay ahead of trends shaping the global payments space. PaymentsSource will always give you a comprehensive coverage and analysis of the ever changing payments industry including compliance, digital wallets, investments and other global trends. You will get at least 42 posts every week.

4) Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation is a Fintech blog posting at least 13 times per week all of which are intended to offer industry professionals unique intelligence on innovation in the financial services sector. The blog’s goal is to make banking and innovation better.

5) Fintech Finance

Fintech Finance makes about 56 posts in a week. These posts relate to the latest news in the financial technology sector. Fintech Finance work with renowned executives in the industry to provide key decision-makers globally within leading financial services organizations with reliable and accurate intelligence on emerging trends and breakthrough technologies.

6) Finextra Research News

Finextra is a leading source of information for the fintech community around the world. The site covers all important technology news in retail and wholesale banking. It posts about 84 updates every week.

7) Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech posts on global fintech trends including banking and insurance. The blog provides daily insights from an amazing team of Fintech thought leaders around the world.  It makes about 9 posts per week.

8) Fintech Weekly

Fintech weekly posts about four articles in a week, featuring fintech podcasts, news, mobile banking and other trends in the sector.

9) Lets Talk Payments

Lets Talk Payments is a fintech blog making about 12 posts per week. It’s a premium insight platform for payments and fintech space.


Posting about 168 updates every week, is a leading fintech blog providing the latest fintech news, mobile payments, consumer payments, commerce and innovation.

11) Reddit

Reddit is a place to discuss how technology is changing the financial services sector. It’s a community of fintech enthusiasts bubbling up new technologies, tools and platforms in various industries such as banking, insurance, payments, investments and lending. You will get about 28 posts every week.

12) Finance Magnantes

Finance Magnates is a blog that makes about 6 posts every week. These posts feature fintech news and product reviews.

13) Mobile Payments Today

Mobile Payments Today is a very informative blog on mobile payments technology and trends. Some of the topics covered include mobile money transfers, mobile banking, near field communications and contactless payments. You will get about 17 posts per week.

14) TechBullion

Techbullion is a popular fintech blog and news website based in London, UK. The website is dedicated to an exhaustive discussion of technology topics and provision of the latest technology news to its readers across the world. The blog focuses on financial technology including news and the latest trends, insurtech, blockchain, bitcoin and more. You will get about 9 articles every week.

15) PwC Fintech

PwC Fintech is a blog run by PwC and deals with latest trends and opinions in innovation, regulation and generally new technologies. There are about two posts per month.

16) Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News

The blog, also known as fintech news Switzerland, covers stories about personal finance, bitcoin, mobile payments, lending, roboadvisors, blockchain and many more in the fintech space. You can expect about three posts each week.

17) PaymentsEye

With about two posts per week, PaymentsEye is a global news, intelligence and analysis blog for professionals in the payments industry. PaymentEye is one of a new portfolio of Contentive websites aimed to provide critical, real-time intelligence on the payment industry.

18) Tom Groenfeldt

The blog focuses on financial technology with about two posts every week. It’s named after the proprietor and writer.

19) Chris Skinner’s Blog

The blog is better known by the name of the proprietor who writes about finance and the new technologies. Chris is a renowned figure in the global financial services sector.

20) Fintech Ranking

The blog is run by a venture capital firm known as Life.SREDA. Its focus is fintech mobile and internet projects. You will get about six posts every week.

21) Bobsguide News

Bobsguide News posts about 42 times every week. The posts relate to the latest financial technology news, insights and industry events.

22) Fintech Singapore

Fintech Singapore is an informative blog focusing on personal finance, mobile payments, bitcoin, blockchain, robo advisor among other topics in the fintech space. There are about five posts every week.

23) Altfi

Altifi is a leading blog providing news on alternative finance and fintech. Key topics discussed include P2P lending, crowdfunding, marketplace lending and invoice funding. There are about 28 posts per week.

24) Yodlee Financial Data

Yodlee Financial Data avails at least one post per week. The posts cover fintech areas such as news, trends, and tips for startups developers and financial institutions.

25) The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is a blog that focuses on financial and technology news. The news includes strategic analysis and real-world examples. There are about four posts each month.

26) Banking Technology

Banking Technology is a trusted blog offering news and analysis of the global fintech sector. There are about 42 posts every week.

27) Holland Fintech Blog

Holland Fintech makes about 10 posts every week. The posts are intended to distribute knowledge about digitization and supporting financial innovators.

28) Kantox

Kentox blog is run by Kentox, a multinational fintech company offering financial solutions. There are about five posts per week on this blog.

29) CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a world leader in prices, news and information on blockchain technology, bitcoin and other digital currencies. There are about 58 posts per week covering news, analysis, trends and digital currency price movements.

30) ATM Marketplace

ATM Marketplace provides important information to all sectors of the ATM market. The content of its 24 posts per week includes news and information about the business of Automated Teller Machines.

31) Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is a blog covering fintech, blockchain and bitcoin. It brings you the latest news and trends in these sectors. There are about 70 posts every week.

32) Kurtosys Blog

The blog provides articles around financial technology space with particular emphasis on asset management. There are about four posts per week.

33) CryptoCoins News

CryptoCoin News is a blog that focuses on fintech and bitcoin news. More specifically, it deals with smart contracts, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. There is at least one post per week.

34) ChartIQ Blog

ChartIQ blog is run by a ChartIQ, a company that focuses on building HTML5 financial charting and data visualization solutions for capital markets. It makes about three posts per month.

35) Blockchain Blog

Blockchain blog shares news and updates on bitcoin and blockchain technology. You will get about one post every week.

36) BankNXT

BankNXT is a fintech blog where professionals in the sector can find and share useful insights. There are about 12 posts per week.

37) is the official website for bitcoin-a peer-to-peer network based digital currency. It is  a community supported blog that allow individuals to get started with bitcoin.

38) NewsBTC

Posting about 117 articles per week, NewsBTC is a well-known website focusing on cryptocurrency and related news. Areas covered include bitcoin, dash, doge and litecoin.

39) Payments Cards and Mobile

Payments Cards and Mobile is a leader in global payments news, updates on mobile payments, contactless, m-banking, e-commerce and fraud & security industry. You will get at least one post per week.

40) SpectroCoin Blog

SpectroCoin blog is run by SpectroCoin which provides easy and safe access to Bitcoin for people and businesses. The blog helps users to easily and safely send, receive and store bitcoins by providing easy to use interface to Bitcoin network.

41) Fintastico

Fintastico is a daily online news project, which brings in latest Fintech news from close to over fifty different sources. In case you wish to reach out to new customers regarding your particular service, you can use their option Add Service and submit your service.

42) Clarus Financial Technology

Clarus Financial Technology provides applications, software and services to the Global Derivatives market. It runs a blog and post about twice a week.

43) Australian Fintech

Australian FinTech is a leading source of Australian FinTech news, including a comprehensive list of Australian FinTech companies and helpful resources. You will get about three updates a week.

44) Wharton Fintech

Wharton FinTech are thought leaders connecting innovators, academics, and investors with the ideas and companies that are reinventing global financial services. There are about two posts per month.

45) TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a leading technology media website, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. The site has at least three posts in a week.

46) CB Insights

CB Insights tracks the most active VCs and startups in this innovative space including funding rounds, trends, M&A and exit activity. CB Insights produces Insurtech videos and reports with Willis Towers Watson and makes at least four fintech posts per month.

47) Hong Kong Fintech

Hong Kong FinTech provides a source of timely deep insights and latest local news about Digital Finance. It has 3 channels covering FinTech news around the world, making at least two posts a week.

48) Coinbase Blog

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. It operates a blog with at least one post per month.

49) Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist is a Bitcoin news portal providing breaking news on decentralized digital currency, blockchain technology and Fintech. There are about 39 posts every week.

50) ForkLog Magazine

ForkLog magazine is an information resource dedicated to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and decentralized technologies. Cryptocurrency events, Bitcoin price analysis, crypto-technologies and all the news about Bitcoin. It has a website where they post about four times a week.

51) Abitco News

Abitco News strives to be the most comprehensive Bitcoin news, decentralization news, and cryptocurrency news website on the planet. The site has about 350 posts every week.

52) Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts with about 46 posts per week.

53) Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News is a premier source for everything Bitcoin related news. The section of the site focuses on delivering the latest news from the bitcoin space. You will get about 44 posts in a week.

54) Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

With at least one post a month, Kraken is the best Bitcoin exchange for converting to and from US dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yen.

55) Bitfinex Blog

Bitfinex is the world’s leading Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Exchange and Margin Trading Platform. It runs a blog posting related content.

56) Genesis Mining Bitcoin Blog

Genesis Mining is the world’s leading and most transparent hosted hashpower provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins. Its blog provides the latest updates for the community.

57) Ethereum Blog

Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, company governance, contracts and agreements of most kind, intellectual property, and even smart property thanks to hardware integration. You can get all the details and analysis on this blog.

58) Paxful Blog

With about three posts a week, Paxful is next generation peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin.

59) The BitPay Blog

BitPay is a staff-driven look into enterprise bitcoin development. It runs a blog with at least a post every month.

60) Bitmain Blog

Bitmain Technologies, described as the world’s most valuable bitcoin company, was established to develop and sell the world’s leading bitcoin miners using Bitmain’s ASIC chip technology. It runs a blog with related content.

61) Comply Advantage

Comply advantage is team of compliance and risk experts, engineers and data scientists on a mission to help fight financial crime by revolutionising the way companies can protect themselves from criminals, terrorists and money launderers. The company has a fintech blog.

62) Fintech Law Watch

Fintech Law Watch provides legal services to fintech clients. It has a blog where you can find very useful content.

63) Fintek News

Fintek News is the definitive quick source for information regarding the world of Fintech. There are about 168 posts every week.

64) KAE Blog

KAE blog focuses on Payments, Lending, Banking, FinTech and Telco. There are about three posts each month.

65) Grow VC Group

This is the blog of the Grow VC Group, the global leader of fintech innovations, digital and distributed finance services, and digital infrastructures. There are about two posts a week.

66) Consult Hyperion

Consult Hyperion is a blog ran by Dave Birch. Birch writes insightful posts on FinTech trends and is an internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money. He posts about four times a month.

67) Habile Technologies

Habile Technologies frequently publish articles related to fintech, factoring, lending, and trade finance. Habile Technologies also write about the technology which transforms and drive the finance sector.

68) Areto Systems

Posting about four times a month, Areto systems offers online payment processing solutions for online merchants with low rates, easy and secure setup.

69) Fintech Profile

With at least a post every week, Fintech Profile’s mission is to track the astonishing array of new startups (and established companies) that are transforming the financial services industry.

70) Next Money

With about eight posts a week, Next Money is a global network of fintech innovators reinventing finance through design, innovation & entrepreneurship.

71) Fintech Consortium

Fintech Consortium blog posts are intended to foster synergies among market players, including government bodies, financial institutions, corporates, investors & innovators, who believe that technology can bring added value to the financial industry.

72) Zoot Solutions

Zoot solutions serves as a community for financial industry executives to connect on relevant topics and discuss valuable insights and ideas.

73) Bussmann Advisory

This blog is run by Oliver Bussmann who has a proven track record managing transformation and innovation at the intersection of high-tech and finance.

74) Finiculture

This blog features articles around banking, insurance, and AI applied to the financial services industry in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

75) Fintech Australia

The blog is run by Australia’s national Fintech Industry Association. Its vision is to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for Fintech Innovation and Investment.

76) Fintech Silicon Valley

With about four posts a week, FinTech Silicon Valley is a blog connecting Blockchain Investors and covers FinTech Events & Media in Silicon Valley.

77) Fintech News

Fintech News provides news and insight on the FinTech industry in partnership with London FinTech week, techUK and various UK organisations.

78) Fintech Connect Live

FinTech Connect Live provides updates touching on the fintech space. They post about three times a month.

79) Queen City Fintech

Queen City Fintech is a firm providing fintech startups access to world class mentors, capital, and leading financial services organizations. It has a blog where it posts at least once a month.

80) Telecom and Fintech blog

The blog is written by Vinod sharma and focuses on fintech. He makes about two posts every month.

81) Oliver*

This blog focuses on crowdfunding and alternative finance. Here you will find news, interviews, reports and insights industry experts. There are about four posts each week.

82) Fintech Summary

With about four posts a month, FinTech Summary is a blog containing Fintech News on topics like blockchain, bitcoin, digital banking, innovation, finance, crowdfunding and AI.

83) World of Fintech

World of Fintech is Nadja’s blog about innovations in banking. Content ranges from technology to ideas and creativity.

84) Castlight Financial

Castlight Financial is a FinTech company that aggregates consumers’ transactional and credit data to provide real time, affordability & financial capability analysis. It runs a fintech blog posting at least three times a month.

85) Jessica Ellern Blog

The blog is run by Jessica Ellerm, a leading Australian fintech commentator who posts at least once every month.

86) Fintech Ventures Fund

Fintech Ventures Fund is focused on investing in financial technology companies, from venture-backing to their growth/mature stages of development. They have a blog on which they post about Fintech.

87) The Fintech Blog

The FinTech Blog is an online publication focusing on FinTech innovation, the relationship between incumbents and startups, wealth management, marketplace lending and mobile banking.

88) Lendfoundry

Lendfoundry is a FinTech lending operating system that provides accelerators & a complete lending solution from loan origination to servicing. It has a fintech blog with at least one post every month.

89) Disruptive Finance

Disruptive Finance is a personal blog by Huy Nguyen Trieu who writes about the technology revolution that is transforming finance.

90) Gloebit

Gloebit is a web services/SaaS/BaaS company located in San Francisco. It provides a universal global digital currency for use in virtual worlds, web based games, and other digital products and platforms. Its blog articles are written by its team of experts.

91) Breaking Banks

With one post every month, Breaking Banks blog explores the rapid tech disruption of financial services.

92) Faisal Khan

This blog has at least one new article every month touching on banking, payments, remittances, fintech, money transfer licenses, m-banking, e/m-commerce, mobile payments or crypto/bitcoin.

93) Brilliance Financial Technology

Brilliance Financial Technology delivers Pricing and Customer-profitability systems for some of the world’s leading banks. The firm runs a fintech blog posting about three times a month.

94) Fintech Policy

The blog is run by Fintech Policy, an independent centre of excellence established under Belgian law as a non-profit association. You will get a new post at least once a month.

95) Fintech Americas

Fintech Americas has established itself as an industry leader in helping bankers and financial professionals transform their organizations into more agile, technology-driven companies. It has a very active fintech blog with about 84 posts every week.

96) Duena Blomstrom

Duena is an independent Digital and CX consultant, FinTech specialist, an entrepreneur and Angel Investor. She is also a blogger with cutting edge opinion style who makes at least one post each month.

97) Fintech Update

FinTech Update is written by the Reed Smith financial services lawyers. It offers insights on the FinTech legal space with the aim of keeping you informed of legal and regulatory developments relevant to the FinTech sector.

98) Kunal On Fintech

Kunal On Fintech is a personal blog by Kunal Nandwani. He writes about fintech startups and fintech generally with at least a post every month.

99) Fintech Studios

FinTech Studios FinTech Studios is the world’s leading artificial intelligence-based financial information network. They run a blog and post at least once a month.

100) Wirex Blog

Wirex blog is owned by Wirex, the first financial platform to combine bitcoin with traditional currency. The blog has at least two new posts every week.

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