10 of The Best Telegram Crypto Groups in 2023

Do you want to find out more about cryptocurrency and opportunities to buy tokens? If the answer is positive you should obviously start with the Internet. The world Wide Web can offer lots of information about the subject. But how can you be sure that the information provided is accurate and up to date?

That is why so many internet users and crypto-oriented members are eager to find private clubs. Today some messengers provide an opportunity to create special chats and groups. One of the best messengers is Telegram. We have already prepared the ten best telegram crypto groups and channels on Telegram.

10 Telegram groups and channels about cryptocurrency

Here we will briefly describe these crypto telegram channels and groups so you can find out what it is all about.

  • ICO Speaks News


    You will need to read the news so you can learn more about tokens, prices, and investment opportunities. This channel could be categorized as universal because it provides all the needed information you need. The posts are added by the admins only so you will not find here any scam projects.

  • Defi Million
    If you are looking for Defi tokens this group might be the best for you or your manager. Right now Defi Million has over 140K users from all over the world. The best part is the fact that here you will be able to find potentially profitable offers for buying.
  • IEO Pools
    The channel provides news about cryptocurrency. You will find here information about tokens and opportunities to buy potentially profitable digital coins. Maybe the next company will be the new Bitcoin? As an investor, you just can’t miss the chance to become rich in the foreseeable future with the help of this group.
  • BTC Champ
    Judging by the title you have already guessed that this particular channel is dedicated to Bitcoin. This channel is created for traders that would like to convert Bitcoin to Ethereum or USDT. The admins provide high-quality services and acceptable exchange rates. Here you will be able to find news and special offers as well.
  • Crypto Evolution
    If you are a trader or an investor you would want to know more about new tokens and companies. Only by using multiple groups, you will be able to find out more about profitable offers. The channel is operational at any time of the day – you can write the admins via e-mail.
  • Bitcoin Traffic
    The main advantage of this channel is the fact that the admins post publications as fast as it is possible. This is a traffic channel that can be used by anyone for free. Subscribe and check the history right now and look for profitable offers and opportunities.
  • ICO Speaks RU
    A Russian channel where news can be posted in both languages. If you want to know more about ICO Speaks all you have to do is contact the creators of this group via e-mail. The most interesting feature is the fact that this group is able to help you to meet your first investor.
  • ICO Speaks
    This is not a channel but a group and it means you can write a message to other members. This group is the best for those who are looking for investors or simply want to discuss an important topic. But be careful and do not allow yourself to swear or discuss unrelated topics. This crypto pump and dump group is about cryptocurrency.
  • ICO Listing
    Another wonderful group for company owners. If you decided to take a fresh start, this channel could be ideal for anyone who is in search of investors. Here you will find new opportunities. List your project and add a couple of messages that will prove that is worth the attention of the members.
  • Meta Boost
    This is the last group where leaving messages is allowed. All you have to do is to comment on a post. Here you can discuss everything about the opportunity or a new company that sells tokens. If you know about a scam project or an interesting topic, contact the admins and maybe your post will be added.


FAQ – frequently asked questions

Which is the best crypto signal group in telegram? 

We would like to turn your attention to ICO Speaks – this channel is the best when it comes to signals and airdrops. The subscription is free – all you have to do is to join and watch all the posts that have been added. Turn on the notifications so you will not miss a profitable opportunity.

Is Telegram used for crypto?

Judging by the crypto groups on telegram that have been listed, it is surely used for crypto. But you should keep in mind that this is a messenger and a third party that is used to inform. It means that this is not a company that is exploited to sell Telegram tokens.

Which is the best crypto pump group? 

You can choose from the first seven groups. It means that if you subscribe to any of it and get the news in the fastest way possible. If the price is beginning to be boosted the chance is high that you will get a post related to this subject in one of the listed groups.

Why is Telegram so popular for crypto?

This messenger is very easy to use because of the notifications. Any time the post is added a notification will show up so you can read it right away. This is one of the few messengers that allows you to create channels and leave comments. And you can chat as well.

How do I learn crypto trading? 

You can try an ICO Listing group or any group from the list that will allow you to chat and find an investor or a professional trader. At least someone will offer courses or basic recommendations.


As we have told you before – the subscription is free. It would not hurt to have some free reliable groups that provide up-to-date information about cryptocurrency.
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