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The Year of Denial

2008 came like just any other year before and even after it, we all gathered at different places to chant the words, “Happy New Year”. However, not many of us were prepared for one of the most dramatic shifts in the history of world finance that was starting in that same year. In fact, that great shift was called a Ponzi scheme, a get-rich-quick gimmick, and other unsavory names that made many people shy away from it back then. Ironically those same people are the ones advocating for more proliferation of this incredible invention in the finance world. Now you get why we tagged 2008 as the year of denial.

The Years of Acceptance

Today, that one ingenious idea in 2008 has metamorphosed into what we know today as the dynamic world of Cryptocurrency and it took one brave soldier to start it all, Bitcoin. With the acceptance of Bitcoin, there are now more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies that Governments, companies, investors, and other individuals have characterized as the future of fast, secure, and decentralized payment. Digital currencies have become that magnifying glass through which many people view the credibility of some companies, some now believe that any forward-thinking enterprise has to incorporate cryptocurrency into its business model. Quite frankly, they are not wrong. With Bitcoin being less than $1 in 2008, by 2022 it is up to $46,917 as of March. But there was a time when Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $60,000 with many people’s financial history and futures being changed overnight.

The Power of Information

With many people now becoming increasingly interested in any and all things Cryptocurrency, it is no wonder we see companies trying to invest in this empire by operating an Initial Coin Offering. This in its own dynamic way has made the Crypto community grow beyond unprecedented levels with countries all over the world invested in ICO, IEO, Airdrops, ALT coins, and a host of other investments in Cryptocurrency. But, exploring the unstable world of cryptocurrency can be tricky without the right tools in place. This is why Crypto Telegram Groups have proved to be one of the best keys for many people looking to navigate and get ahead in the Crypto market. 

Evolution of Crypto Telegram Groups

You could be seeing the current price of Bitcoin and in less than an hour, the next thing you see is a messy one of red plummeting to the ground on your chart. At the same time, the price could rise to new heights within a twinkle of an eye. Have you ever heard of the depression, “It keeps dipping?”, well, many people can relate when the price dips on their crypto investments. Plus, there are too many cryptocurrency projects to keep up with, so crypto telegram groups are one way of keeping track of all these new and promising projects and also help in navigating the market to maximize profits and reduce losses. 

In this article, we will be looking at the top ten crypto telegram groups and how to join them.

Top Telegram Crypto Groups

Information is a key part of excelling in Cryptocurrency whether you are a trader or an investor. It is an imperative and indelible element to any person’s success. Therefore, these Crypto telegram groups are on this loss because they provide up-to-the-minute details and information in the recent information dn projects that are worth investing in. With Crypto telegram groups, you get undiluted information straight from the source, you can also ask questions from the companies directly as they hold AMA sessions on these groups to better connect with the community. So, a Crypto telegram group embodies so much more than giving information but you have a wide network of crypto enthusiasts such as yourself to leverage on to become even more successful in the Crypto game

Here are the Top Telegram Crypto Groups 

DeFi Million

DeFi Million is a new way of decentralized finance interactions between users. The Network counts over 1 million users in Decentralized Finance, which we cover as long-term stakers and profit makers. This crypto telegram platform specializes in DeFi, and Crypto projects and provides the best projects that members can quickly capitalize on. DeFi Million is a Crypto channel that is strictly for information dissemination and has 395,000 subscribers and counting. 


This is also a Crypto telegram channel with 469,000 subscribers and counting. You get all the reviews of ICO, IEO  Airdrops, and other promising Crypto projects that are worth investing in. Plus as a Crypto company, you can use the platform for marketing and connecting with a wide community


For all things ICO/IEO Reviews, Signals, Airdrops, Blockchain News. Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting, ICO SPEAKS is one of the most reputable crypto telegram groups you can join. There are more than 76,000 members with more than half of these Crypto enthusiasts being active and willing to contribute to discourses on crypto. Plus, the group is well known for hosting crypto AMA sessions that introduce exciting new projects to the public.

ICO Listing 

This is a unique platform that allows crypto companies and projects to list their projects on telegram for investors. ICO Listing them creates awareness through different forms of promotions to ensure that your project is well received by investors.

IEO Pools

With over 200,000 subscribers IEO pools is one of the most all-inclusive Crypto telegram channels that informs people on IEO, Airdrops, and signals to navigate the market. It is also a great place for complaints to promote their crypto projects. 

BTC Champ

One of the easiest ways through which traders can exchange their cryptocurrency. With more than 200,000 subscribers,  BTC champ offers traders the platform to get first-hand information on Bitcoin, USDT, ETH, and altcoins. You can exchange these pairs within seconds while on the channel.


Cryptocurrency has grown beyond what anyone would have imagined it first launched in 2008. As a result, more countries have got on the train that will surely transcend the way we transact business in the future. So, to cope with the vast interest of People in the Commonwealth of Independent States, such as Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, ICO SPEAKS  RU was created. The channel has more than 130,000 subscribers and counting. 

Benefits of using telegram for Cryptocurrency 

We can imagine the question some people are asking right now. Why is telegram the preferred social media tool?

Large community 

Telegram has the functionality to accommodate more than 400,000 members without having any issues. In fact, you can host AMA sessions where everyone is online and they would go smoothly.

Flexibility and restriction 

Telegram has features that can restrict other people in case you do not want too many people. You can choose between having a group or a channel. A group offers more flexibility as members can discuss right there on the group, Connect to others, and influence crypto projects. Channels on the other hand are strictly for sharing information and have only one person in charge, who is the admin. However, subscribers can see the information as soon as it drops on the platform. Channels can accommodate more than 200,000 people while a group’s threshold is 200,000.

AMA sessions 

On Telegram, it is easier to host AMA sessions and easily connect to the investors as a Crypto company.

How to join any of the crypto telegram groups 

The first thing you will need to do is to have a Telegram account. You can log on through your mobile device or connect to your laptop. 

After this, you can set up your profile, by uploading a suitable picture, and then filling in the necessary information. 

Once you’re done, you can then go ahead to click on the links. This will immediately take you to the respective telegram page. You will see “Join” or “Join Group” below.

When you click on that prompt you will be added to the group and you will be able to access the information shared there.


This guide shows how important crypto telegram groups are to the success of any cryptocurrency adventure. These platforms are designed to help you connect with more crypto enthusiasts like you, learn and navigate the difficult market,  get first-hand information about promising projects and avoid the negative ones. Plus, the ten crypto telegram groups highlighted here are great ways to boost your crypto career with an active community that is willing to help you every step of the way. Connect to one today!
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